Ghana to enter into mutual visa waiver agreement with China and four other countries

Ghana enter into mutual visa exemption with China, Cuba, Sudan, Seychelles and Turkey

Ghana may soon enter into a mutual visa exemption pact with China, Cuba, Sudan, Seychelles and Turkey, allowing its citizens to enter all these countries without a visa. Citizens of these five countries would also be allowed to enter Ghana sans a visa. The agreements are currently waiting to be ratified by its Parliament. quotes Emmanuel Kwasi Bandua, Ghana’s Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, as telling the House on 25 October that Ghana’s move to enter into a pact with these five countries has been necessitated owing to the changing trends in the globalised world.

The agreement to be ratified between Ghana and China is on mutual visa waiver for people holding official, diplomatic and service passports. A similar agreement is on the anvil between Ghana and the Republic of Sudan. The pact that the African country is planning to enter into with the Republic of Seychelles is for a short-stay visa waiver for the diplomatic, service and official passport holders. While Ghana’s agreement with the Republic of Cuba is for visa waiver requirements for the official, diplomatic and service passport holders, the agreement between the Republic of Turkey and Ghana is for mutually eliminating visas of diplomatic passport holders. Hannah Tetteh, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana, speaking about the agreements, told the House that these pacts have no financial obligations attached to them from either of the parties and none of the countries would directly gain financially from their implementation. There is no clause in the agreements to enforce obligations on governments to let into their territories’ people whose characters are questionable.

Tetteh said that they have been designed to benefit all the parties involved because they throw open the economies of the countries to each other, allowing stronger partnership that would benefit enormously citizens of all these countries.

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