Foreign students can apply online for New Zealand visas soon

Foreign students can apply visa online to New Zealand

Overseas students looking to migrate to New Zealand will be able to apply for visas to New Zealand online in a few weeks from now. This will be made possible via Immigration ONLINE, a new online technology platform, which will allow overseas students from across the world to pay, apply and upload documents online. Students, who will be eligible to avail this service, are those who pay the fee in full, people eligible for scholarship and exchange and students of English language.

New Life Global, Licensed Immigration Advisers & Directors, Connor & Catherine Brady, said the introduction of the new technology platform would make it easy for foreign students to apply online. These students will, however, need to provide passports which they could do offshore via Visa Application Centres, also known as TT services. If the applicant has already moved to New Zealand, he/she can do it through the INZ Palmerstone North office.

An Indian student, Shami Bajaj, said that as most foreign students are using technology currently, the online system would make it convenient for them to send in their applications remotely. Bajaj said that as an overseas student he was really excited to be applying through this new system put in place by immigration authorities in New Zealand.

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