Digital visas spell boom for the Indian Tourism industry

Digital visas spell boom for the Indian Tourism industry

The distinct and varied landscape of India would make the country a tourist’s dream destination. Gifted with the snow white Himalayas in the north, the incredible Thar Desert in the northwest and the lush greenery of Kerala in the south, India is a veritable treat for tourists looking for different experiences.

Despite the scenic and serene natural tourist destinations, the tourism industry in India has made no substantial gains in terms of revenue in the past. Apart from the global economic downtrends, the stringent visa processing rules, which were in place earlier, have been a major reason for the tourism sector not realising its full potential yet.

But the digital visa processing of the tourist applications, introduced recently, resulted in a phenomenal rise in the number of tourists visiting India. The new visa policies have been implemented for 150 countries, making it easier for the travellers to visit India.

Travelers Today was quoted as saying that there has been in the number of tourists visiting the country registered an increase of 200 percent when compared to the previous year. The majority of travellers are from the US, the UK, China and the European nations.

The online e-visas introduced by the government are simple and tourist-friendly. It is valid for up to 30 days after arrival. During one year, visas can be granted for the tourists only twice a year.

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