Chinese Visitors To Europe Can Now Use Schengen Visa At UK

In a major move to appease China, UK is all set to relax the tough visa rules imposed on Chinese travellers.  Home Secretary Theresa May is likely to dole out this gift to all those Chinese travellers travelling to Europe, who hitherto had to pay for an expensive transit UK visa even though they do not leave the terminal building.

This announcement comes as a relief to Chinese tourists who have access to 26 countries in Europe but not UK. A pilot scheme extended by May tested the waters by implementing the same on Chinese tour operators that allowed them to use their Schengen form to also apply for UK visas. This ensured that Chinese travellers who have a Schengen visa to Ireland will also be allowed to visit UK without going through the formalities of filling up a second application.

The Government of UK is positive that these moves could increase the number of visitors to its country by 40%.

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