Canada will need 182,000 strong overseas tech workforce by 2019, thanks to Brexit and Trump

Canada’s technology sector will need a large workforce

Canada’s technology sector will need a large workforce by 2019 and there will be no citizens of Canada will be available to fill these posts. It is estimated that there will be 182,000 jobs in the tech industry that will be available for overseas immigrants. The Brexit policy of the UK and Donald Trump’s victory in the US will help Canada emerge as the preferred destination for immigrants across the globe.

The choices for international immigrants are getting narrower as the latest trends in the UK and US politics show. Brexit referendum was in favor of restricting the number of immigrants to the UK. The future of world’s largest commercial zone, the European Union is uncertain. The political parties that are not in favor of immigration are projected to win the elections in 2017 in France and Netherlands.

The scenario is equally ambiguous in the US with the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections. The anti-immigrant policy of Trump was quite clear during his election campaign itself and post winning the elections he has declared to restrict the number of immigrants who arrive in the US through the H1-B visas.

Canada has 71,000 firms in the technology sector that contribute for more than seven percent of output to the nation’s economy, as quoted by QZ. They even account for six percent of jobs in Canada.

The CEO of VIATEC, Dan Gunn has said that Donald Trump has definitely emerged as a big factor in the employment scenario for the immigrants in Seattle. After Trump won the US Presidential elections, Gunn was at the Startup Week in Seattle. International immigrants who were poised to move to the US, particularly those from the communities who are a religious minority, might consider Canada for work opportunities.

By heading VIATEC, Gunn had facilitated to transform Victoria into a hub of technology firms. It is a tiny city on an island situated at the northern side of Seattle. Victoria is now having a flourishing technology sector that has caught the attention of global firms such as Schneider Electric, Amazon, game developing firms like and Kixeye.

Victoria has now become renowned as ‘Tectoria’ and has several jobs for the immigrants in the technology sector, similar to the rest of Canada. The country has a flourishing innovation industry and advanced tech firms are now on the top in the industry. Around 23,000 jobs are present in the 900 firms and they are always looking for talents.

Canada has huge requirement of workers is huge. Firms in Canada are at the present on the lookout for hiring for diverse roles. People who are skilled in the technology sector, marketing and sales sector and top level managerial posts are in great demand in the job sector, according to the HR Vice President at Communitech, Heather Galt. He says that Canada is a better choice for immigrants when compared to the US as it has a serene environment, lesser commuting time and better education system.

The government of Canada headed by Trudeau has declared that it will evolve new policies to enable the smoother hiring of overseas talents by firms in Canada in the technology sector. The H1-B visa of the

US requires six months for processing at present. The Canadian government has planned to make the work visa more appealing to the overseas immigrants when compared to the US work visa H1-B.

The appealing and scenic nature in Canada along with the flourishing technology sector has now facilitated to attract the attention of many international migrants. The recent efforts of Trudeau government to reform immigration policies will also help to draw innumerable immigrants to the nation that I sin need of huge workforce in the technology industry.

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