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Posted on August 11 2022

Canada tourism surpasses pre-pandemic levels

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights of Canada tourism in 2022

  • Canada rebounded in tourism, and recorded highest levels in June 2022
  • According to the national statistical and demographic services agency, and crossed the pre-pandemic levels
  • The country is allowing both domestic and inbound travel which paved the way to increase the number of tourists entering into the country.
  • In June 2022, Canada Tourism recorded the highest compared to the years 2021 and 2020.

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Canada tourism increased and crossed pre-pandemic levels

Tourism in Canada increased due to international travel ramps and the country recorded highest compared to the previous years 2021 and 2020.

As per the reports from Statistics Canada, foreign nationals visiting the country has recorded highest in June 2022. In the below table you can find the comparison of the number of visitors in pre and post pandemic levels:

Type of Visitors Month & Year No. of Visitors
Non-resident visitors
Jun-22 8,46,700
Jun-21 8,20,000
U.S. residents
Jun-22 904,700
Jun-21 8,00,000

Because of border closures, restrictions, and shutting down of the businesses temporarily in many provinces, tourism industry was massively hit. But now,       the tourism levels in Canada are increasing.

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Growth of Tourism industry in Canada

The tourism industry in Canada rose from May 2021 after pandemic affect, but it paused in January 2022 due to advent of Omicron variant. Now inbound and domestic travel is again on the rise and leading to the growth of tourism industry in May, 2022. According to Statistics Canada June 2022 report, “traveling to Canada hit highest levels compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Canada visitor visa

A Canada visitor visa is also known as Temporary Resident Visa, is required to travel to Canada on a temporary basis. Before traveling to Canada, tourists have to check the following requirements:

  • The travel document essential for visiting Canada
  • The country from where the travel document was issued
  • Nationality of the individuals
  • Mention the mode of travel to Canada

Requirements for a Canada visitor visa

To get a Canada visitor visa, candidates need to have the following check-list:

  • A valid passport
  • A good medical record
  • No criminal records
  • Proof of income in your home country
  • Proof that individuals will leave the country at the end of the trip
  • Proof of funds sufficient to support the individuals and their families during their visit to Canada

Applications can be submitted online or at the VAC - Visa Application Center.

Fee for the Canada visit visa

The fee structure to visit Canada is as follows:

Fees structure Amount in $
Application fee $100
Biometrics fee $85
Processing fee of passport $45

Dependents have to submit their own application by paying fee separately.

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Web Story:  Tourism rebounds in Canda and hits pre-pandemic levels


Canada Tourism

Canada visitor visa


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