Canada gives assurance to halt brain drain in the Philippines

Canada gives assurance to halt brain drain

The Philippines will see no brain drain though the government of Canada is encouraging Filipinos to enter its shores to find jobs or study further, said a Canadian official.

The Filipino Times cited the Business Mirror quoting Julian Payne, President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, as saying that they were alleviating the employment situation in the Philippines. Filipinos would work abroad, improve their skills and return to their homeland, he assured.

According to Payne, Filipinos would return to their home country as assets because of what they had learned abroad. On the other hand, those coming back in their old age would be well versed in their professions to serve as advisors owing to their experience. Inviting students from the Philippines to pursue their education in Canada would be a win-win situation for both the countries, Payne said. He said that the students were the spine and future of a country.

He affirmed that their country was in no way luring Filipinos enrolling in Canadian schools to stay back in Canada. Payne said that Canada needed immigrants as it had a low birthrate and a fledgling economy, which is why extra hands were needed.

John McCallum, Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, who visited the Philippines recently, had said that they would welcome 300,000 more permanent residents this year with Filipinos figuring high on their priority list. Payne said that the citizens of this Southeast Asian country were considered a logical choice to fill jobs in their country owing to their work ethic, good behaviour and tax payments. In addition, they integrated well in Canada due to their fluency in English, Catholicism practices and family-oriented lifestyles.

After Chinese and Indians, people from the Philippines are a large immigrant community in Canada.

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