Canada expects Global Skills Strategy to attract Indians, other migrants


Canada has instituted the Global Skills Strategy, whose objective is to enable firms to access quickly global talent from across the world in order to import into the country new skills and generation of more jobs.

This strategy, it is hoped, would attract highly proficient professionals from India and other countries who will spur the growth of Canadian firms, said Patty Hajdu, Canadian Minister of Employment, Workforce Development & Labour.

She was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying that they have a flourishing Indian community residing in Canada in all provinces and contribution of theirs has been substantial in several fields.

With the new strategy, Hajdu said that she expected companies in Canada to be in a position to hire talent from India as long as the professionals will help in driving their growth.

She added that if companies find Indian employees, who fulfil their requirements, she expected more people from India to flock to Canada.

Hajdu said that if companies in tech and other sectors could hire talented professionals, more Canadian jobs would be created by them.

According to her, the talent of that kind may be available in India. Saying that this strategy is being powered by Canadian firms, she said companies would have to zero in on the appropriate talent that Canada needs from India, the US or Europe.

Hajdu said that contribution of immigrants to Canada has always been appreciated. She said Canada has always treasured diversity as they are aware that it gives rise to strongly interconnected societies and generates economic growth.

The new strategy will help if a company recognises specific people it needs to hire by partnering closely with Canadian authorities, she said and added that her agency would specifically ensure that immigration provides the work permit within just 10 days as against the previous tenure of 7-10 months if the situation demanded.

A Global Talent List of qualified jobs with high demand is reportedly being developed by consulting major stakeholders and workforce experts.

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