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Posted on March 28 2022

Canada begins spousal sponsorship applications 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
Canada begins spousal sponsorship applications 2022 The Government of Canada reveals that the spousal sponsorship has bounced back to its standard of service after the pandemic delayed the IRCC operations. The Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, declared Canada’s 12-month application processing in January 2022. The 12-month standard of service is similar if the spouses are applying as inland or outland applicants. The processing time, the time needed for the applicants to provide biometrics, for IRCC to review the sponsor and the individual sponsored by, and the time necessary to ensure that the applicants meet their eligibility requirements. *Check your eligibility to Canada with the help of Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free.  Eligibility requirements to sponsor their spouse
  • Must be minimum18 years old.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or a native registered under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • Assure that they aren’t getting any social assistance except for disabled people.
  • Must be able to look after the finances of the sponsored person
When is an individual eligible to be sponsored? 
  • Spouse: An individual must be lawfully wedded to the sponsor personally at a ceremony.
  • Customary-law partner: An individual must have lived for 12 months with the sponsor.
  • Conjugal partner: An individual must have been together in a relationship with the sponsor for a time of atleast one year, lived in another country, and mustn’t have married the sponsor for a specific legal immigration reason.
Procedure to apply for a spousal sponsorship There are two ways to process sponsorship applications: Inland and outland sponsorship. The significant difference between the two is; couples who apply from Canada are to be said Inland, while the others whose spouse is in another country will be considered outland. The common-law partner must have temporary working status in Canada as a student, worker, and visitor to possess the inland sponsorship. While the process is continued, the sponsored individual will be permitted to live, work or study in Canada. The applicants living in Canada may be able to choose outland sponsorship as a better choice. Steps to apply for spousal sponsorship

Here are three steps to submitting a spousal sponsorship application. One application would be for sponsorship, and the other is for permanent residence. The applicants must submit their applications at once.

Step 1: Take an application form provided by IRCC Step 2: Pay the fees on IRCC’s website, including processing fees, legal permanent residence fees, and biometrics fees. Step 3: Mail the submitted application to IRCC The standard time taken by IRCC to process the application is 12 months. Need guidance to apply dependent visa to Canada? Y-Axis is here to assist you. If you found this blog interesting, you may also read... Canada’s Parents and Grandparents program intake to grow by 30%


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