British PM Theresa May rejects points-based immigration system to rein in EU migration

Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May on 5 August announced that her government would not use the points-based immigration system, as followed by Australia, to keep in check migration from the European Union in the post-Brexit environment.

The Press Trust of India quotes her telling reporters in the backdrop of G20 summit in China that she did not think a points-based system would control migration into the UK.

She added that although voters want immigration to be reined in, they do not want to stop the trade.

According to a points-based system, migrants are allowed to live and reside in a country if they satisfy the necessary points, which is a part of a skills-based calculation method. The points’ system is, however, being currently used by the UK for migrants arriving from outside the EU, including those from India. Stating that Brexit provides an opportunity to control the number migrants coming to Britain from the EU, May said that the exact method using which the government can check the movement of migrants from EU to the UK post-Brexit was not yet zeroed in on.

A poll by ComRes, which was conducted on behalf of the BBC, shows that 62 percent of the 1,032 British adults polled were upbeat about Britain’s future after Brexit.

While 26 percent are considering leaving Britain, of whom 43 percent were in the age group of 18 to 34.

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