British passport holders can now visit India on an e-tourist visa!

British passport holders can now visit India on an e-tourist visa!

India E-Visa

India moves to the next level in terms of her visa policy. She has now invited the United Kingdom to enter with an e-tourist visa. UK is one of the 77 countries that are eligible for an e-tourist visa. It has now been made very easy for a British passport holder to come to India for recreational purposes. The Indian government decided to make this type of a visit visa available, to make things easy for the applicants.

Making it easy for the British visitors

It is intended through this visa, that the British passport holders, should be able to apply for a visit visa to India, with greater ease. Apart from simplifying the process of visa application, it also reduces the cost of in such a manner. The people from Britain, do not need to take an appointment at the embassy.

Coming to the cost of applying for an e-tourist visa, it has been observed that the fee has been greatly reduced, from £89.44 to £39. However, the visa so applied, is not received instantly. It takes not less than 4 days to receive an e-mail with entry documents, after applying.

The process of visa application

An applicant receives an e-visa a few months after, he or she has taken an appointment at an application center for biometric data collection. The biometric data collection includes an accumulation of information regarding finger prints and facial imagery. These are considered mandatory for all the applicants. All this information will be collected on arrival at the Indian airport.
The destination of such travellers should be one among the 16 designated airports like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. It must also be kept in mind that, someone coming to India on this visa can only involve in sightseeing, meeting friends or family, short duration medical treatment, or a casual business meet.

original Source: BusinessTraveller

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