Australian Investors to Get 5 Years Multiple Entry Visa to Malaysia


Come December 2014, Australian investors, business visitors, and finance managers will be eligible for a multiple-entry five years visa to Malaysia. The announcement came from Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak. 

He said that effective from December 2014, all Australian investors will be eligible to apply for this visa. He further added that Australia is one of its top 10 important business partners and has been a great contributor to the Malaysian economy. The mutual trade and business between the two countries, Australia and Malaysia, stood at a whooping RM61.9 Billion in 2013, compared to RM 46.2 Billion in the year 2010. His counterpart on the other hand, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, also expressed his pleasure on the Malaysia – Australia alliance with a extensive support in area of education, security, defense, trade, and investment.

The alliance and the recent announcement from Malaysia gives boost to the trade relationship of both the countries and provides an excellent opportunity to the investors and finance professionals from Australia.

Source: Visa Reporter

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