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Posted on December 13 2023

5 New UK Visas for Working Professionals. Are you Eligible?

By  Editor
Updated December 13 2023

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Highlights: UK introduces news visas for working professionals

  • UK has various visa options available and could be beneficial for innovators, investors, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.
  • The visas include the UK innovator founder visa, Permitted paid engagement visa, UK expansion worker visa, and Global talent visa.
  • These are beneficial for working professionals in various categories.


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UK introduced new visa categories for professionals

United Kingdom is one of the most popular places for immigrants willing to relocate to, and in recent years there were more efforts from the UK and opportunities emerging to bring in skilled foreign workers. The nation offers a diverse range of visa options, which could be beneficial for investors, start-ups, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


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Details about the new UK visas for working professionals

UK is offering visas which are beneficial for working professionals, the details about the visas are given below:

UK Innovator Founder visa

UK government introduced a new visa category the UK innovator founder visa by replacing the innovator and start up visas. The UK innovator founder visa offers a direct route to settlement in the UK.

The advantages of this visa include; no minimum investment required, fewer check-ins with endorsing bodies, and authorization for second employment.


In order to be eligible, applicants must show a considerable contribution to an original, commercially feasible, and scalable business idea.


The visa is granted for three years, with an option to apply for indefinite leave of absence.

Application process:

  • Obtain an endorsement letter from a recognized organization
  • Submit online with all the required documents
  • Pay an application fee of £1036 along with the immigration health surcharge


The Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visit

The Permitted Paid Engagement visa is designed for professionals and experts looking to visit the UK for temporary assignments related to their field. Candidates in particular professions such as artists, entertainers, musicians, athletes, examiners, lecturers, and lawyers will be eligible.


To qualify, the applicants must have a formal invitation from an organization or client in their field and should be able to cover their expenses independently.

The application fee for the Permitted Paid Engagement visa is £100.


This visa is valid for people who are at least the ages of 18 or above and is valid for a maximum of one month.


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The UK Expansion Worker 

The Global Business Mobility (GBM) visa programme includes the UK Expansion Worker visa. This visa allows the workers from well-established foreign companies to come to the UK and start their first subsidiary or branch.


To be eligible, candidates must be at least 18 years of age, work for the foreign company which will completely own the subsidiary being formed. Candidates generally must have worked for the business for a minimum amount of time.


The visa is granted for 12 months from the start date of the job which is specified on the sponsorship certificate 14 days from the certificate date, or 14 days from the job's end date, depends on which is shorter. Candidates can stay for two years in the UK with this visa.


The Global Talent visa 

The Global Talent visa is a path for leaders in various disciplines or has the potential to become leaders in digital technology, academia, and research. It is for people both in the early stages of career and also for those with an established career in disciplines like engineering, science, medicine, technology, art and humanities and allows them to come to the UK without needing a job offer.


In order to qualify, applicants must have endorsement from one of the six organizations in the UK, unless they are the holders of an international honour such as the Nobel Prize.

Candidates can work as independent contractors, employees, or directors of a business but all in their received endorsements.

This visa also allows candidates to study, and the dependents of Global Talent Visa holders can also be eligible to accompany them.


The Global Talent visa is valid for up to five years, with an option of renewing.


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Web Story:  5 New UK Visas for Working Professionals. Are you Eligible?


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