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    How do I Apply?

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    What is the Immigration procedure?

Explore opportunities in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and many more.

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  • Free education for children
  • Retirement & Health benefits
  • Sponsor your parents & relatives
  • Live, Work, Study or do business anywhere
  • Maintain work-life balance and improve standard of living
How can Skilled workers come to Germany?

With the passage of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, qualifying candidates can now enter Germany without a work permit.

The new Germany Job Seeker Visa allows talented workers to visit the nation for six months while looking for work.

To apply for a job seeker visa in Germany, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited university
  • Have 5 years of experience in a field that is related to your field of study.
  • During your stay in Germany, be sure you have travel and health insurance.
  • Have proof that you have enough money to cover your 6-month stay.
  • Have proof of your Indian citizenship, such as a birth or marriage certificate.