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Posted on December 31 2010

Y-Axis is definitely best in the business.

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
From: Ajeya Sharma Sent: Friday, December 31, 2010 2:21 PM To: Chaitanya Doppalapudi Cc: Caroline Bradshaw; Teena C Subject: A big thank you!!   I writing this email to thank Ms.Teena and her team for providing us with an exceptional level of support.   It was a little over 2 years ago that my wife and I decided to apply for Australian Permanent Residency. We recognized that Y-Axis was definitely the best in the business and had no qualms in paying the requisite consulting fees and starting the process. We did a lot more paper work in the last 2 years than we did in our entire lives. And needless to say, the entire process would have been a lot more difficult and daunting had it not been for Teena. Teena has always been very enthusiastic, professional and very punctual. What is even more amazing is that her level of enthusiasm never wavered the entire duration of my application process. There were times when I would shoot of an email to her and get reply from her within 5 minutes!!   Her knowledge of the application process and the immigration guidelines is what, I think, helped us get our permanent residency. Of course, that did not stop there. After getting our PR, my wife and I decided to visit Australia once and have a vacation there before relocating permanently. Before going to Australia, I talked with her at length and her suggestions helped me get not one but two job offers after I went there.   A wise man once said that "every new beginning is some other beginning's end." So, as my family and I wrap up our life here in India and look towards starting our new life in Australia, I cannot help but wonder if all this would have been possible without Teena's support and help.   Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Ms Teena and rest of her team on my behalf.   Wishing you and your staff a very happy new year 2011.   Regards
Ajeya Sharma

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