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Posted on November 13 2014

I Am Going To Refer More Of My Friends To Y-Axis

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hello Team, I am writing in reference to my CV writing done, I have been assisted by Akanksha Gupta (Process Consultant- RWS -JSS) from Y-Axis Hyderabad I have experienced a level of support from this individual which went further and beyond my level of expectation, Akanksha had the ability to make use of her knowledge in CV writing and organizing the profile with a flow as required and requested with keeping in mind all standards are met; she was supportive completely and also recommended/suggested when I was at a point difficult to decide how to go further with the flow or what to choose in organizing my profile. I believe it went several days(a day or two more than expected) in finalizing as I have requested for additional changes/additions however Akanksha was patient enough and was very cooperative in helping me complete my profile maintaining the same flow and standard from page 1 to the last page irrespective of CV, CL or PPT. To be frank I was not that satisfied with the first cut, I spoke to Akanksha and she took the feedback very positively, she tried to understand what I was looking for and assured me of re-working with certain additions and changes as I requested, from the second cut till the final cut the way she presented surprised me with amazing work and effort she has put in, I am sure it was a resultant of a lot of commitment and hard work displayed from Akanksha. The best part was that she kept me informed about the status almost on a daily basis. No doubt I am going to refer more of my friends to Y-Axis and that is purely by receiving such a quality of work and the commitment and ownership displayed in this process from Akanksha and hoping all the staff at all other processes at Y-Axis work with the same rigor and zeal. I feel Ms. Akanksha Gupta MUST be commended and thanked for her clearly passionate work with Y- Axis and can assure you first hand that she has provided a service to Y-Axis and a service to me in an outstanding mannerism going far, far beyond as expected. I hope this message will be reacted upon and she be rewarded for the great work, and look forward to hearing from yourselves. Kind Regards.

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