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Posted on March 12 2013

Y-Axis Take Care Of Every Case With Their Skills

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
I write this testimonial from IBM Australia's Sydney office. Getting an Australian PR was a dream - a dream to live in a developed nation, a dream to experience what we have never experienced before. And Y-Axis has been our wonderful partner in this adventure. Their service has been very professional but personal where it needed to be. My experience with their whole team has been very positive. Every visa case is different. But it has been my experience that Y-Axis knows the in and out of the process and they take care of every case with their skills. Their checklists are very useful and the end result is so convincing that it is very difficult to not get a visa ! I suggest you try their service at least once. After all, you do not apply for a visa every day.   Regards  

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