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Posted on December 18 2014

Our Money Spent Towards Y-Axis Was "Paisa Vassool" :)

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Firstly,Sushma and Navoday, I would like to thank you for all your support for the past 1 year. You both have been very helpful throughout the process and our PR journey. Navoday, thanks for the timely follow ups and keeping me posted with every update. You both compliment each other excellently as a team. My personal feedback for Sushma: Sushma has been very calm,patient, and well informed about the process from day 1.She is very proactive and knows her work well.Every query was resolved and answered accurately with the best info and on time. Sushma,in liaison with Navoday made my journey of waiting to get the PR very positive. On 2nd July 2014, she stayed back in office till 10pm just to help me submit my visa application. Without her having stayed back in office that night my application submission would have been impossible as the occupation limit changed from high availability to low within few hours.However, she did not give up,stayed late night and ensured every detail was checked and submission done on time due to which we could proceed further. Kudos Sushma for your dedication and concern. You definitely understood the value of our time and money invested and did complete justice to your service provided. I would kindly request you both to appreciate her for the above duty and exceptional customer service provided along with the massive process knowledge she possesses. She deserves an appraisal etc. as she is an asset to your organisation. Keep up the good work. Please provide Sushma the oppurtunity to train or guide her colleagues to follow her foot steps so that clients like us can feel that our money spent towards y-axis was "paisa vassool" :) Thanks a ton Sushma for all your help and I will be sending you a small token of appreciation (gift) from my end shortly. It would be great if you could accept the same. Hope Tina and Umakanth are okay with this and is within your policy. I would also request Sushma to handle all my references going forward.

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