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Posted on May 05 2011

I thank you for being a terrific counselor / Y-axis Overseas Careers

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
From: XXX XRXRX Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 3:48 PM To: Sai Sathyaki Cc: Mohd Asif Subject: Re: Your Canada PR Visa Process Dear Sai, Trust you doing well!! I first would like to appreciate all the assistance that the firm has given me right from the start till date. However as events turned out, I really am in no position to continue with the process right now just for the reason that my career objectives were all lined up wrt to the timing of my application. As things got delayed for which I hold no one responsible, it turned out that it isnt, now, in my best possible interests to file for my application anytime after June and then wait for another 6 months. I do understand that the time you guys would take is 60 days and thus request to start the refund process on a priority basis. I again thank you and especially Mohd Asif who has been a terrific counselor. I surely would recommend anybody and everybody who wants to file for an immigration, Y Axis, just for the simple reason that the firm is transparent, honest and acts immediately on any query that a client has or might have. I would appreciate a confirmation with regards to the refund process in any form, email or a call. Thanks & Regards, K Xrxrx.

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