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Posted on February 13 2023

 Ann Manning thanks Y-Axis IELTS tutor Naresh Kumar

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
This journey with Y-axis, from the moment it began till this moment, has been very smooth, professional, motivating, and encouraging. I would sincerely like to thank each and everyone - right from my process consultant to everyone who handles different sections of my process and progress, even the team who picks my calls when my Process Consultant is unavailable, including the training team who have done a marvelous job in coaching, instructing and equipping me for my IELTS preparations and have shown great interest in guiding me as though it were the preparations for their own exam. The team has a very systematic step-by-step approach and although to some it may seem slow or unhelpful, patience and cooperation through this entire process are what one requires with the trust/belief that the Team is here to do a great job for those who seek their service and assistance. And I have followed every step of the way. Still awaiting for certain criteria to gear up in the next stage of this procedure. The team has been extremely supportive and informative in answering all queries and justifying the need for each step required all along  – One step at a time!! Thank you Team for your support and hard work - God Bless!  

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