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Posted on March 08 2023

World's Best Investment Migration Programs in 2023

By  Editor
Updated December 26 2023

Highlights: Popular Investment Migration Programs of 2024

  • Europe is popular among foreign nationals for its streamlined permanent residency and citizenship procedure.
  • Malta was placed in the first position for investment programs.
  • Portugal was ranked in the 1st position for Golden Residence Permit Program.
  • The ranking was published by Henley & Partners'.
  • Namibia also was introduced in the rankings for investment.

Abstract: Henley and Partners' released a list of the most popular investment and residence programs for 2023.

Europe still attracts international individuals in 2023 through permanent residency and citizenship of its countries. According to the reports by Henley & Partners', Malta and Portugal have the top position for investment programs and citizenship programs in the latest rankings globally.

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Know more about the popular Investment Migration Programs of 2023

Henley and Partners' releases the report for Investment Migration Programs annually. The two indexes for investment migration and the Golden Residence Permit program of 2023 considered the structured analysis and comprehensive parameters of the most popular residence and citizenship through investment programs.

Malta was placed in the 1st position in the Global Citizenship Program Index. The Golden Residence Permit Program of Portugal topped the Global Residence Program Index.

The survey of 2023 considered 40 programs across the world.

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Malta tops for Citizenship programs

The Global Citizenship Program Index ranked 14 programs, and Malta secured the 1st position for Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. The policies for the program facilitate citizenship through naturalization to international individuals and their family members. They help in boosting the economic development of the country.

Detailed information about the rankings of Citizenship Programs is given in the table below:

Top Citizenship Programs by Investment
Rank Country
1 Malta
2 Austria
3 Montenegro
4 St. Lucia and Grenada
5 Barbuda and Antigua
6 Nevis and St. Kitts
7 Turkey

Popular Residence Program of 2023

The residence programs of Portugal are popular. The countries of Europe occupy the top 5 positions for residency programs. The details of the popular residence program are listed in the table below:

Top Residence Programs of 2023
Rank Country
1 Portugal
2 Austria
3 Greece and Switzerland
4 The UK
5 Canada
6 Latvia and Luxembourg
7 Spain and Malta
8 Australia and Singapore
9 Panama
10 The UAE and The US

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UK grants 1.4 Million Residence Visas in 2022

Singapore Global Investor Programme granted 200 New PRs in 2020-22

Namibia Popular for Residence by Investment

Henley & Partners' ranked Namibia to be popular for Residence by Investment Program. It is the latest residence by investment choice. This program allows investors to live, operate a business, and study in Namibia. The candidates are required to invest a minimum of 316,000 USD to be eligible.

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Investment Migration Programs of 2023

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