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Posted on November 02 2022

Portugal Job Seeker Visa is open for Indians from Nov' 2022. Apply now!

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Highlights of Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • On October 30, Portuguese government announced Job Seeker Visa for Indians
  • Indians who are willing to work in Portugal can apply for this job-seeker
  • Portugal job-seeker visa is open for Indians from Nov' 2022
  • Immigrants migrating through Portugal Job Seeker Visa can stay for 3 months, and the validity can be extended for 60 more days within the territory of Portugal
  • The government also announced few important amendments in its immigration policies

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Portugal Job Seeker Visa

On October 30, 2022 Portuguese government has announced Job Seeker Visa for Indians to apply. The Portugal Job Seeker Visa has been introduced overcome the job market demands. It allows candidates to stay within the territory and search for the right option to work in the country.

Validity of Portugal Job Seeker Visa is 3 months and can be further extended to 2 months, if the candidates is unable to find the valid employment contract after entering the country.

This visa program offers the residence permit, if the immigrants are able to find a job and establishes a good work relationship within the prescribed period.

Eligibility criteria for Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Candidates who are seeking to work in Portugal can apply for this visa. They have to streamline the procedures as per the immigration policies.

Immigrants have to maintain sufficient funds, and arrange all the requirements to get the visa.  The visa holder is allowed to invite their family member after getting the residence permit in the country.

New amendments in Portuguese Immigration Plan

There is a huge demand for working professionals in the Portugal. This can be met by regular migration, as migrants seek jobs here and settle for the conditions that Portuguese society offers.

The new immigration measures include:

  • Establishing a visa for limited period for the legal entry of immigrants who are seeking jobs in Portugal
  • Extension of the visa for 60 days if the individuals couldn’t find the right job within the country
  • Allows digital nomads to obtain a residence permit for international students

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Web Story: Portugal introduces Jobseeker visa for Indians from Nov’ 2022. Apply now!


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