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Posted on June 27 2022

Why study Social Entrepreneurship in Germany

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Why study Social Entrepreneurship in Germany

  • Social Entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that aims to positively influence the society.
  • This form of entrepreneurship addresses environmental and social problems of the society.
  • Germany is a hub to study social entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship is promoted as a means of employment in the country.
  • In 1997, few measures were implemented to motivate the citizens to establish start-ups to promote social entrepreneurship.

A young student or learner of any age should explore different prospects of business study abroad. It would be interesting and exciting for you. Pursuing business and entrepreneurship degree programs in universities abroad offers good experience and skills for budding entrepreneurs. Germany is turning out to be the first choice in this regard.

Germany has been the top choice for education for foreign national students. The most popular alternatives to studying in Germany are the fields of:

  • Management
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Fine arts & Applied arts
  • Humanities

In Germany, you can pursue social entrepreneurship in universities and institutes. German universities offer exceptional study programs in business studies. They have an extensive curriculum and world-class infrastructure. Entrepreneurship is one of the most sought-after areas of study in Germany today. It is promoted as a means of employment, too. The educational institutes in Germany which provide entrepreneurship study programs include:

  • RWTH Aachen University
  • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • SRH University Berlin
  • New European College

In the field of entrepreneurship, the division of social entrepreneurship is that area of study that is distinctive. It has become popular and relevant from a global perspective. Germany offers students the interest to nurture their careers in Entrepreneurship. This is also beneficial for the development of social enterprises.

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is more of a righteous concept for those wanting to establish a start-up or business enterprise. It aims to come up with solutions for environmental and social issues. A social entrepreneur looks for new ways to identify and solve the community's problems. They aim to develop systems that positively influence the society. The projects of social entrepreneurs are based on the premise of positive change.

Ethical practice in operating enterprises is crucial to the idea of social entrepreneurship. The practices include:

  • Conscious consumerism
  • Impact investing
  • Corporate social responsibility programs

A social entrepreneur establishes a business to create more good impacts on the society. The enterprises which develop environment-friendly goods can be categorized under this entrepreneurship model. Certain start-ups cater to the needs of the niche and the needy, as well, sections of the society. These enterprises are becoming relevant and gaining popularity around the globe.

Programs on social entrepreneurship in Germany

Here are a few post-graduate study programs in social entrepreneurship you can pursue in Germany.

  • MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE) – Berlin School of Business & Innovation
  • Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship – GISMA Business School, Berlin
  • Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Munich Business School
  • Master in Entrepreneurship – WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • Master in Business Management (MBM) Entrepreneurship & Innovation – New European College, Munich

Why study in Germany?

In 1997, measures were implemented to encourage entrepreneurs to establish start-ups. An environment encouraging young entrepreneurs was created. The focus on self-employment aided in generating young entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship scene in Germany was not as inspiring as it is in the present times during the 1950s and 1960s. The entrepreneurship trends witnessed a decline in the 1990s. The increasing economic crisis led the government to do something drastic to recover.

The educational institutes started to focus on entrepreneurship. They launched courses to teach aspiring students.

Since 1998, there has been amplification in research activities done for business start-ups. Now, approximately a hundred universities offer study programs that focus on entrepreneurship. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology set up a study program such as' EXIST'. They encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit in higher education.

National and regional projects concerned with economic education were promoted. Projects such as "Jugend gründet" or 'young people start-up' were introduced. Student-run companies were also expanded.

How to learn Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Entrepreneurship is not much different than the core study of entrepreneurship. The programs that prepare you to start an enterprise, teach you social enterprise too.

If you want to explore Social Entrepreneurship via an academic program, ensure that there is sufficient weightage given to this facet in entrepreneurship study programs.

The fundamentals of any enterprise are similar. Consequently, there is a scope of multiple kinds of advanced technology and philosophies of business. The motive behind applying the business principles makes Social Entrepreneurship distinct.

Every entrepreneurship topics are valid for Social Entrepreneurship. The motive and approach of Social entrepreneurship make it unique.

  • Creativity

Creative ideas are behind looking for solutions. It helps in building mechanisms that improve the present circumstances. Innovative ideas are born out of working with teams and networking. Projects are inspired by different ideas. They are proof of entrepreneurial creativity.

  • Technology

Nowadays, business set-ups have found new ways to reach out to prospective audiences with the help of technology. Multiple technological applications aid social enterprises. Campaigns for causes concerned with the society can now be amplified through digital and social media. These methods help the social enterprises build a strong base. It can be done multiple times, and this makes it more effective than it was decades ago. The place you pursue your Social Entrepreneurship should encourage the progress of technology. The power of technology to create optimal productivity needs to be recognized and utilized.

  • Environment

Social enterprises need a favorable environment. It needs to be welcoming of new thoughts from a broader perspective. It should encourage positive change and inspire entrepreneurs to build more social enterprises.

A society with a practical approach to addressing the needs of a better ecosystem needs to be there. A conducive environment for enterprises implies that enterprise-friendly institutions exist. It applies to everything from finance to education.

  • Economy

The economic condition is a vital consideration. The contribution of entrepreneurs to the economy is equally, if not more, significant. It is better to study entrepreneurship in a country that is well-known for its industrial growth.

The country should inspire self-reliance among its people. The economic background of the country should encourage good entrepreneurial ideas. In such a country, you can study and apply skills of entrepreneurship.

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