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Posted on April 06 2022

What are the benefits of working in Ireland?

By  Editor
Updated November 23 2023

Work in Ireland

Ireland offers good job opportunities to international workers seeking a career. There are also many benefits of working in Ireland. We will explore some of them.

High quality of life

Ireland ranks high in the quality of life index, especially the city of Dublin. Dublin was the first city in the rankings for the standard of life in Ireland and also in the UK. Air quality is excellent, with a balanced social and economic environment. Dublin's quality of life and safety is excellent and is improving year after year. Public transport is well developed and connects you easily to the whole city.

Good average annual salaries

Overall, the national average annual wage hovers just below EUR 39,000 (USD 43,000). This amount takes into account that a full-time employee's average annual salary is around EUR 48,000 (US$ 53,000) and a part-time employee is about EUR 18,000 (US$ 20,000).

Insurance benefits

Irish employers offer life insurance and health insurance benefits to their employees.

Social security benefits

In Ireland, a social security number is called the Personal Public Service Number. The acronym PPS or PPSN often refers to that number.

A PPS will help you in Ireland to access the benefits of public services such as social welfare and to obtain a driver's license.

A foreign worker with a PPS number can access the following benefits:

  • Free Travel Pass
  • Public Health Services (including the Medical Card and Drugs Payment Scheme)
  • Child immunization
  • Housing grants
  • Driver’s license

Health and education benefits

Ireland's public healthcare system is funded by general taxes and therefore can be obtained without additional charges.

Ireland's education system is highly regarded worldwide, and there are plenty of options at all levels for furthering your education or professional development.

Multicultural society

Ireland is a highly multicultural country with immigrants contributing to the economy and the diverse culture of the nations. The people here are friendly and welcoming.

 Sightseeing and travel options

Ireland is renowned for its stunning scenery with lots of spectacular attractions to visit. You can go biking, sailing, climbing, walking, cycling or just relaxing and take in all the beautiful views that this country has to offer.

It is easy to fly into Europe. Ireland has an outstanding transport network with a variety of airports providing convenient and easy travel to a range of European locations.

Presence of reputed companies

There are several multinational companies in the country including:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Ryanair

Competition for qualified workers is high and with applicable work experience and third-level qualifications the chances of obtaining employment improve.



Why work in the Ireland


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