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Posted on December 12 2018

UK Universities to offer 2-year courses to Overseas Students

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
UK Universities to offer 2-year courses to Overseas Students

Education ministers in the UK have laid out a new educational plan for UK Universities. As per the plan, Overseas Students can now apply for 2-year degree courses. Universities are allowed to offer fast-track courses to its students. Also, they can increase the annual tuition fee from £9,250 to £11,150.

The total cost over the two years hence increases to £22,300. It might raise concern among Overseas Students. In this context, Sam Gyimah, Universities Minister said that this initiative would give Overseas Students dynamic choices. Also, there are innumerable financial and academic benefits. The choices would eventually serve their needs.

As quoted by The Boar, the tuition fee for these accelerated courses would be quite less for Overseas Students. In fact, it would be at least £5,500 less than that of 3-year courses. Even though the annual tuition fees are raised, the overall cost is said to be affordable. The aim is to provide Overseas Students with opportunities to study over a shorter period of time. It is believed that this option would be attractive to many students.

However, insiders have informed that Universities are still not equipped for this new change. It is speculated that there wouldn’t be enough time for students to write and publish research papers. They might even have to attend seminars and lectures during summer holidays.

The discussion on this new initiative started in December 2017. The Government wanted to bring flexible ways of learning. Dr Tim Bradshaw, the Russell Group Director welcomed the idea. However, he mentioned that research-intensive institutions should stick to 3-year degree programs.

Mr. Bradshaw further added that the fast-track courses should be carefully planned for Overseas Students. This initiative should not affect their studies and educational experience in any way. Education ministers are about to present the regulations for this program to parliament. The proposal includes the rise of annual tuition fee as well. Post approval, it will become law.

The ministers are planning to conduct an awareness program. It is to ensure that Overseas Students understand the reality of these fast-track degree courses. Also, this program would aim at addressing their queries, doubts and concerns about this new initiative.

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