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Posted on May 26 2020

Tips to score well in writing task of the IELTS exam

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Online IELTS Coaching

Essay writing is common for both Academic and General Test in IELTS. The duration of the essay writing task two is for 40 minutes, while task one is for 20 minutes.

Task 2 can be broken down into five parts

  1. Question Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Introduction
  4. Main Body Paragraphs
  5. Conclusion

General tips for essay writing

  • Understand the question
  • Plan before your start writing
  • Practice the Essay Structure.
  • Paragraphing your points
  • Use of complex sentence structures
  • Adhere to the word count

Specific tips for IELTS writing task 2 

Express yourself

It should be your priority to share your thoughts. What do you think of the given topic? Note that good writing is all about the quality of the words that you use. The quantity is not a question. Ensure you have covered all the things asked in the question.

Use simple sentences

Avoid complex sentences in the essay and use simple words to be effective.

Use active voice

Use active voice in your essay and avoid passive voice in your sentences.

Avoid using jargon

Use simple language in your essay. Using jargon will make it difficult to understand what you are saying and will not impress the examiner. It can in fact effect your score in a negative way.

Avoid rewriting and revamping

If you are taking computer-based IELTS then you have the option to rewrite or revamp any part of the essay or the full essay as you wish. If you are not happy you can check the sentences and rewrite them. Of course, IELTS based on paper won't give versatility.


Do not forget to proofread the article. It is one of the big activities most candidates miss because they don't save time to do it. If you can try to complete your essay within 30-34 minutes, you'll have to proofread the essay for at least 6-10 minutes. Check for the typos, grammatical mistakes, mistakes in punctuation, grammatical errors, etc.

Mistakes you should avoid in your writing task

Talking about the topic in a general way- This is a mistake because you are expected to address the question not to write about the topic broadly.

Failing to include a thesis statement this is the essay's most significant paragraph. Not including one will lose you marks.

Failing to include an outline for your essay- If you don’t include a sentence outlining what your essay will say, the examiner doesn’t really know what you are going to write about in the rest of your essay. This will also lose you marks.

Trying to write a ‘hook’ or be entertaining- The interviewer doesn't really know what you're going to write about in the rest of your essay if you don't have a paragraph explaining what your essay is going to say. This will cost you points, too.

Attempting to write a 'hook' or be funny- Note this is an IELTS test, not a university essay. There are no additional points given to be interesting.

Using an informal style – This is a no-no because you are expected to write in an academic style.

Make use of the guidance provided by your Online IELTS Coaching Service to prepare well for the IELTS task and act on the feedback to improve.



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