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Posted on June 05 2020

The best places to go to study like a winner

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
World's best places to study abroad

The intent to study overseas is a goal that can change the course of your life and career. Hence choosing the best places to go becomes essential.

There are so many places you can go to advance your studies and your reasons to choose them may be different. But a few factors common considerations for every student who wishes to study abroad.

Going by those aspects, you can make prudent decisions with good research with the help of online resources and experienced enterprises like us.

As experienced overseas education consultants, we can help you right away with identifying top destinations to go to if you decide to join prospective courses in reputed educational institutions. Here is a look at a few of the best places to make your studies world-class and worth your money and effort.

United Kingdom

  • The UK is home to the world’s best universities like Oxford and Cambridge.
  • The country scores second in the world for access to high-quality teaching.
  • It has a world ranking of 4 for culture and lifestyle.
  • With a university in almost every city in the country, the student is guaranteed a royal learning experience.


  • The country is known for the richness in culture, which will be a fresh experience for a foreign student.
  • The experience of an enriching culture with its great wine and dine, fashion, romance, and art are uniquely characteristic of this country.
  • You will enjoy your stay and Study in France like never before.

The Netherlands

  • International students can find themselves at ease in the Netherlands as it offers many courses in English.
  • It’s a very tolerant country that puts you at more ease and comfort to express yourself and mingle with people.
  • The country ranks sixth in the world for personal development.


  • You have over 30 universities to choose from in Sweden.
  • There’s a rapidly growing start-up scene in the country that can help students aim at great careers.
  • The country is high on English proficiency and hence presents more international students with the opportunity to study in Sweden.
  • The country is also well known for its innovations.


  • Switzerland offers a unique combination of high quality of life and education.
  • Swiss universities are consistently ranked high in world rankings and they offer an innovative environment for students to learn and grow in.
  • The natural beauty of the country is an experience you will not find anywhere else in the world.


  • Germany is the third best place to do studies in the world and ranked first in Europe for the same.
  • A world-class education is provided at a great attractive price that is affordable. International students, no matter if they have EU citizenship, can study at the undergraduate or graduate level for free.
  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe and has lots of opportunities to build and excel in a career of choice.


  • Australia ranks third in the world for access to high-quality education.
  • It has many top-ranked universities.
  • The country is ranked third for the ability to make new friends and seventh in personal development.
  • It has 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites.


  • The country is known as the best in almost every desirable indicator for a foreigner.
  • Canada’s universities are particularly known for in the field of information technology and computers.
  • It’s probably the most welcoming nation for immigrants.
  • It’s blessed with nature and gives scope to do so much in outdoor activities.

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