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Posted on December 24 2015

The best jobs in US: Healthcare 2016 and beyond

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
US Immigration The healthcare industry is one industry that rarely sees negative growth. Even in cases of recession, healthcare is seen to grow exponentially. And as population grows and jobs in healthcare opens up, there are a few specialized healthcare jobs that have, in the last ten years, seen employment statistics rise in the US. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics from 2014 to now, the published paper forecasts job statistics till 2024. The institution expects an expansion of 34%, which translates to 3.8 million news jobs added. Professions in healthcare do have very high paying jobs like surgeons, neurologists and Anaesthesiologists. However, other jobs can get you the high paying salaries you need. Look for top paying jobs as optometrists and pharmacists can get paid large sums in the US. Physical therapists hope to see the change in the coming years at least 30%. But some jobs come with its risks. Jobs that attract risk do pay well, but jobs like biomedical engineering, audiologists, dietician and dental hygienists get paid weal as well as work in less stressed environments. A connection to STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, will work in your favor. On another list which features the more specialized professions, vascular specialists and hand surgeons take the cake. All surgeon jobs will take leaps in terms of pay but this comes with high education finance risks and time risks where some professions might take more than 10 years to accomplish. The only other industry that had one well has been the Information Technology industry which has done well in almost all countries. While some professions like petroleum engineering and data scientist which includes statistics, forecasting analysis and data mining is picking up significantly. So, if you are or want to move into healthcare profession and would like move to the US, please fill our enquiry form so that one of our consultants will reach you to entertain your queries. For more updates, do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blog, and Pinterest.


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