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Posted on November 01 2016

Overseas study in UAE more appealing now

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Overseas study in UAE

UAE is seeing a high inflow of overseas students, thanks to the presence of the globally accredited Universities of New York and Sorbonne which have opened their branches there. A report of the Higher Education and Science Research Ministry says that in 2014, the strength of the overseas students was as high as forty percent of the 128,279 students across UAE.

Single daughters in UAE can avail their father’s financial support irrespective of their ages, but sons cannot avail this facility beyond the age of 18. However, in rare cases, the migration officials permit boys above the age of 18 to continue with parental funding upon furnishing proof of having studied a one-year course at an educational institution. This residence authorisation in the UAE is generally approved once a year.

According to the National, overseas students who do not have relatives can obtain financial support through the higher academic institutions which will make their visa processing smooth. The necessary credentials along with a medical certification have to be submitted for the processing of applications. The student visas have to be renewed every year.

A UAE overseas student is liable to lose a visa in case he/she is absent from the country for more than six months, provided it is under the permissible provisions of the rule.

As per the laws in UAE, students above the age of 18 can secure work authorisation to allow them to earn income for funding their general and educational expenses. For instance, the Creative Clusters Authority of Dubai declared on 18 October that students from specific universities are now in a position to secure jobs in 4,500 diverse businesses throughout the nine creative group members that include the Dubai Studio city, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City.

Many degree holders from the UAE opt to remain there owing to the absence of income taxes, better career options and nice quality of life. The graduates can secure a work authorisation stay from their companies in case they are not supported financially by their parents or spouses. In case the overseas students fail to secure a job, they need to terminate their study visas and leave UAE until they secure a job by leaving the country.

The lady graduates can shift sponsorship from their fathers to spouses. The immigrant male or female students who cannot avail any of the modes of sponsorship are given a 30-day permit for staying in the country after their visas expire.

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