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Posted on February 28 2023

My journey as a nurse from India to Canada

By  Editor
Updated March 27 2024

My journey as a Nurse from India to Canada

Caring, empathy, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, etc., are characteristics a nurse should possess. I always had all these characteristics, but I did not always want to become a nurse. We were a happy family of four; our parents and two sisters. My father was a doctor in a government hospital, and our mother has always been a homemaker. We wouldn’t get to spend much time with our father as he used to work late hours every day. But he made sure to spend the entire day with us whenever he got a leave or holiday.


Life was amazing until I got into my twelfth standard. My father was diagnosed with second-stage cancer and taken to the Cancer hospital nearby. My sister is five years younger than me, and I had to stay at home to look after her while my mother had to stay with my father in the hospital. Amidst all this, I appeared for the exams and passed with decent marks. I wanted to become a doctor just like my father, but at that time, I had no one to talk to about my dreams, etc. I used to meet my father sometimes, and he always said that we could have good doctors, but getting a good nurse is a luxury. His words stuck with me after that.


By God’s grace and my mother’s care, my father returned home free of cancer. He resumed his work after two long years, and I started my nursing training. My father suggested going to Canada after gaining one year of experience. I decided that I would have to become a nurse, and after graduation, I would enroll myself in a nursing course.


I completed my training and got into a good hospital. And after one year, I applied for a Canada work visa with the help of Y-Axis. It was so good to work with these folks!


Express Entry System

Y-Axis guides you through the entire Express Entry system established to fulfill labor shortages in the country. The Express Entry system is governed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Let’s discuss all the assistance they provide in detail!

  • IELTS coaching: I scored well in my IELTS exam. I even took their IELTS coaching services to ensure no loophole in my preparations.
  • Educational Credential Assessment report: The Y-Axis team prepared an Educational Credential Assessment report for me.
  • Job Search: The team Y-Axis research meticulously to select the most suitable jobs for you. The company has designed job search services to find excellent jobs for their clients.
  • Visa Interview: Y-Axis also prepared me for the visa interview.

Invitation to Apply

I have worked very hard in my life to become the person that I am today. As a result of the prayers and blessings of my family, I received the Invitation to Apply from a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am so thankful to my parents for making us two humans full of ethics and honesty.


Applying for Canada PR

Y-Axis helped me in every phase of my nursing journey from India to Canada. To make the task easier, they even prepared a requirement checklist for the Canada PR application to ease up the process for me. It was for them that I could apply for Canada permanent residency.


In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It took a little over six months for this entire process to get processed. And as soon I got the confirmation from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, I booked the first flight ticket to Vancouver. And, in just a few hours, I was in a city everyone dreams of and wants to come to. Canada has high-rise buildings, a mild climate, welcoming citizens, and scenic landscapes. My parents and my sister came with me, and they plan to live here for a month and then head back. I couldn’t wait to start living an everyday life in Vancouver.


Y-Axis has all my heart with them for assisting me in every way possible. I will contact them when I bring my parents here permanently.

If you are also interested in immigrating to Canada, contact Y-Axis – the right path is the Y-path, i.e., Y-Axis.


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