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Posted on February 21 2022

MBA Salaries of Top 25 B-Schools in 2022

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
 MBA Salaries of Top 25 B-Schools in 2022

Everyone dreams of a rewarding career and life, and a degree in Business Administration makes it a reality. A career in Business starts with finding the best B-school for you.

The B-Schools, with their expertise, prepare the students for their careers. A renowned B-school adds value to your profile. Your alumni will be a testimony of your capabilities and make you stand out amongst your peers.

Benefits of studying in top B-School

Studying in the top 25 B-Schools adds credibility to your learning. The benefits of studying in a good B-school are listed below:

  • You get a platform to gain knowledge from professionals who have been in this industry for a long time. These B-Schools hire teachers who have worked in global companies.
  • B-School gives you an opportunity to build a network. You’ll get to interact with peers worldwide and exchange ideas and experiences
  • The B-Schools have established relations with renowned brands and corporates offering internships
  • You would work on case studies and have group discussion with your peers to better grasp the issue
  • You would get entrepreneurship lesson in various sectors

Even though the world is witnessing the consequences of the pandemic since 2019, these top B-Schools ensure tempting job prospects.

Jonathan Levin in his words

The Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Jonathan Levin, says, "More than other classes, the Class of 2021 learned how to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty and be adaptable and resilient. We are thrilled to see how they apply what they have learned, going on to incredible roles in numerous industries."

Top-Notch B-Schools

Let us explore the list of the best B-schools you can pursue your MBA from.

Rank School Average salaries in 2021
1 Stanford GSB $158,400
2 Chicago (Booth) $155,000
3 Penn (Wharton) $155,000
4 Northwestern (Kellogg) $150,000
5 Harvard Business School $150,500
6 MIT (Sloan) $150,000
7 Columbia $150,000
8 Dartmouth (Tuck) $150,000
9 UC-Berkeley (Haas) $149,000
10 Yale SOM $140,100

Among these top B-schools guarantees a promising and a fruitful career for its students. Two years into the pandemic, the top B-Schools still see increased well-paying job offers and acceptance.

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Most of the top B-Schools graduates landed a job within the first three months of completing their MBA. The base salaries at the top B-Schools start from $140,000 and go to $150,000.

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Rebounding job offers andacceptance

In 2020, the salaries for MBA graduates are stable, even in the challenging times.  In 2021, the job offered remained did not fluctuate for these schools.

Among the best B-Schools, Penn Wharton performed the best in offer rates with 99%, and Stanford GSB graduates had an offer of $158,400 as their starting base salary. None of the top 25 B-Schools saw any decrease in their job offers or acceptance rates.

A promising career with MBA

Both the Market and the MBA graduates have a hopeful future. The recent data for the base salary and job offers in the top B-Schools gives an optimistic vision for the future.

This sector has shown persistence in braving the pandemic. According to Jamie Schein, an employee at Stanford GSB, the graduate business education institutes are relieved after their students graduate with tempting job offers during the pandemic.

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