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Posted on January 30 2023

How to apply work visa for Poland in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated July 10 2024

Why Poland Work Visa?

  • The average working hours in Poland is 40 hours per week.
  • The average annual income in Europe is 20,000 Euros.
  • Professionals in Poland get 26 paid leaves every year.
  • International employees can avail of social security benefits.
  • There are over 94,000 job vacancies in Poland.

Job opportunities in Poland

Poland is a remarkable country to settle and work in. It offers a good quality of life, and the cost of living is lower compared to other European countries. Polish society is welcoming.


The economy of Poland is flourishing, and there are multiple job opportunities for skilled professionals. Incomes are rising, and the standard of living is boosting. Poland is an apt destination for international professionals, and there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurs.


The government of Poland plans to implement changes in the national minimum income in 2023. The minimum salary will increase by two times, increasing by approximately 20% in one year.


There are more than 94,000 job vacancies in Poland. The job vacancy rate was 1.10 percent in September of 2022, as per reports by EUROSTAT.


The following are the most in-demand jobs in Poland:

  • Engineers
  • Sales personnel
  • Drivers
  • Software Developers
  • Health Care Workers
  • Manual Labor
  • Caterers
  • Service Providers

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Benefits of working in Poland

The workforce of Poland is one of the most educated and skilled in Europe. These distinctive characteristics have attracted multiple multinational companies to seek talent in the country, especially in the sectors of IT and engineering. Poland is becoming an attractive work overseas destination for international professionals with global experience, and workers wanting to work in remote work roles across the world.


The benefits of working in Poland are given below:

  • Hours of work and paid vacation

In Poland, the working hours are 40 hours per week or 8 hours a day. The duration of overtime work can be, at most, 48 hours per week or 150 hours per year.


If an employee has been employed for less than 10 years, they can claim 26 days of leaves per year.

  • Minimum income

The current minimum wage in Poland is 740 Euros, and is set to increase in the future.


On January 1, 2023, the minimum monthly income increased from around 660 Euros to close to 740 Euros. And, on July 1, 2023, it will increase to around 770 Euros. The figures represent a total increase of approximately 20% in a year.

  • Benefits from the Social Security Administration

In Poland, healthcare is offered to beneficiaries under the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia. It is a publicly funded system of healthcare. The Polish staff, as well as their family members, can avail of free public healthcare. Mandatory benefits include:

  • Paid annual leave
  • Parental leave
  • Compensation insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Family benefits
  • Social assistance payments
  • Unemployment compensation

The social security system of Poland is offered to all citizens employed full-time, such as self-employed individuals, employees, and their family members.


Employees have the right to pension, health, disability, and accident insurance facilitated by the Act of the social insurance system. It regulates policies for social insurance coverage.


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Types of Poland work permits

Different types of work visas are available in Poland. The various types of work permits offered by Poland are:

  • Work Permit A – It is required if the candidate has a job offer from a business authorized in Poland. It is given to the candidates under the condition that they will apply for a legal residence permit.
  • Work Permit B – It is required if the candidate is employed as a member of the board and has to stay in Poland for more than 6 months.
  • Work Permit C – It is required if the candidate has been delegated to Poland by an international employer for more than 30 days to work in their branch of Poland.
  • Work Permit D – It is required if the candidate has been delegated to Poland by an international employer to work for export services. The international employer should not have a branch in Poland.
  • Work Permit S – It is required if the international employer sends the candidate to Poland for agricultural, fishing, hunting, or accommodation activities.

Eligibility criteria for Work Visa in Poland

Citizens who are not residents of an EU or EEA country and want to stay in Poland to study or work must apply for a Type D Visa of Poland.


The Type D visa of Poland is offered to candidates who plan to stay for more than 90 days.


Requirements for Poland Work Visa

The documents needed for the work visa application of Poland are:

  • Valid passport –The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months or more if it is required by the embassy.
  • Duly filled visa application form – The visa application form should be duly filled out. The candidates should fill out the form through the e-Konsulat system, which is the official consular website of Poland, print it, and sign it.
  • Colored photographs of the candidate with the required dimensions and the Schengen visa photograph guidelines.
  • Flight itinerary – The candidate is required to submit proof that they have booked flight tickets to Poland.
  • Evidence of travel health insurance – After the candidate has arrived in Poland, they are required to register for health insurance for long-term, either with a national health fund or a private insurance company in Poland.
  • For the initial application for a work visa, the candidate is required to submit evidence of travel health insurance amounting to a minimum of 30,000 Euros.
  • Proof of accommodation – The candidate is required to submit evidence that they have an accommodation during their stay in Poland.
  • Original and photocopy of the Polish work permit. The Poland-based employer is required to issue the work permit which they have applied for on the candidate's behalf.
  • The candidate is required to submit the original employment letter, signed by their employee and stating their position, income, and other details of the employment.
  • The applicant should submit a recent copy of their CV and other certificates as proof of their work experience for the job roles they are applying for.
  • Police clearance certificate to prove they have no criminal background.

Steps to apply for Poland Work Visa

The step-by-step procedure to apply for a work visa of Poland is given below:

Step 1 – Labor market test conducted by the Poland-based employer

Before starting to apply for a work permit in Poland, employers are required to conduct a labor market test. It is vital for employers to know about the conditions related to employment in the labor market of the country. It ensures that no eligible candidate from Poland or employees from the European Union are being ignored.


Employers are required to register a notification of vacancy with the County Labor Office. Consequently, the office assesses the data of unemployed individuals and job seekers.


If the Labor Office concludes that there are adequate eligible individuals for the job role, the authorities can arrange recruitment for qualified individuals in the region. Otherwise, the employers can apply for a work permit for the international professional.


A comparative analysis is conducted between the remuneration offered by the employer and the proposed remuneration by the Labor office.


If the decision is favorable for the employer, the governor notifies them about the decision to the employer. They can then apply for work and temporary residence permits on behalf of the international employee.


Step 2 – The application process

After the assessment of the labor market of Poland, employers can initiate the application process by submitting the necessary documents. They are required to fulfill specific conditions. They are:


The employers have put appropriate employment conditions in adherence to the national employment rules and the Labor Code provisions.


According to the Voivodship Office, the salary should not be less than the average monthly income by more than 30 percent.


Step 3 – Issuing work permit

The Voivode, the Local Government Head of Poland, issues the work permit of Poland. After obtaining the work permit application approval, 3 photocopies are generated for the employee, the employer, and the Voivodeship Office.


After the employers issue the international professionals with a work permit, they can start their work in Poland.


Employers are required to fulfill other obligations. They are as follows:

Employers are required to inform the respective authority concerning the necessary steps to grant a Polish work permit and other factors that can hamper this process.


Implement the requirements stated in the contract with international professionals. The contract must be available in written and translated form in a language that the international professional can read and understand before signing.


An employer is required to inform the Voivode if the international professional fails to join work under 3 months of issuance of the work permit or finish work 3 months before the validity expires. Employers should inform about changes in the job duty.


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