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Posted on December 17 2018

Canada to encourage its students to pursue Overseas Education

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada to encourage its students to pursue Overseas Education

Overseas Education is more of a self-discovery for students. Joseph Wong, an ex-student of Canada insisted that every Canadian student should go for it. She has shared her own experience with The Star. Back in 1993, she had migrated to China for studying and working there.

Ms Wong added that it was a life changing experience for her. She learned the culture, the language and enjoyed interacting with International Students. After all these years, she still can use her knowledge to enlighten her students.

Joseph Wong feels that more students in Canada should get such opportunity. The number of students moving overseas is quite less now. Only 10 percent of Canadian Students pursue Overseas Education. In other countries like the US or the UK, the rate is much higher. She added that staying in Canada would not help the current generation. Even the Canadian economy would be affected.

Canada’s economy can gain from students choosing to Migrate Overseas. The US is Canada’s biggest economic partner. However, as reported by The Star, Canada needs to diversify investment partners. The new generation should be migrating outside the country to help Canada achieve the same.

Students pursuing Overseas Education would learn about different cultures, languages and business markets. As a result, Canada’s door would remain open for all those different countries. Canada would have people who can understand their languages. This would improve the country’s cultural and commercial relationships.

Students in Business courses often enroll for Study Abroad Programs. But that alone cannot have a national impact. Canada should encourage students to pursue Overseas Education. They should actively take part in undergraduate programs that endorse the same. These programs should not be specific to discipline or courses.

It is often observed that people think Overseas Education is for rich students. This is not the real scenario though. Countries that invest in Overseas Education, related programs and events, can offer students ample opportunities. The potential return would be a lot more than the invested amount.

Canadian Institutes are training their students for Overseas Education. Employers want the same. They want to hire graduates with overseas experience. The soft skills that they possess are more in demand in the Canadian job market.

Toronto University is looking for Overseas Partners who can help improve students’ learning experience. Also, they make sure no student willing to get Overseas Education is turned away. The University aims at preparing students for Overseas Education. At the same time, they encourage more students to take interest in Overseas Education.

Canada presently lags behind in the field of global learning. However, more Universities are being equipped to deal with the situation.

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