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Posted on May 18 2022

Can you skip questions on the GRE?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one of the highly opted standardized tests. The applicant will be sitting for four hours. During a significant test time, you will face some time pressure. But the GRE is the test of skill, and candidates will be tested on content that graduate schools have considered relevant to their admissions.

It’s a strategy to follow a few things.

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Never follow the order: It is ok to skip around within a section. While writing the test, you can see the buttons at the top of the screen, enabling an option along with the button to mark flag questions for review. The review will analyze the answered and unanswered or flagged questions for review. But do not try to flag too many questions, which may lead to a waste of time as re-working on the same question again.

Finish up with the section: The Verbal and Quant scores are mainly based on the number of problems the applicant answers, keeping aside the difficulty level. Some of the easy issues are at the end of the section, which means you are at the difficulty level in the middle of a section. Never invest a lot of time on one problem itself in the section. Always spend no more than two minutes on each problem. This means getting your easy points first and then moving forward.

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Have a look at a time running: Certain problems eat away your time. The few problems from the Quant and verbal sections are some time-sucks kinds of questions. There are multiple-choice questions that might have multiple answers, sometimes 6/7 options. Testing all these options is time talking.

The data interpretation in the Quant section is also time-taking as the options are 3-4. And few other questions are graphical representations. Very rarely are the graphs easy and straightforward. Otherwise, you need some time investment. So these kinds of questions, you click on the ‘select-all-that apply’ button to mark it for a review, for that also you either need to be cut off or can give an extra minute to check for the correct answer, but always spend only two minutes. But for data interpretation problems, never try to soak them until the end of the section, as these will eat away all your time.

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Don’t jump to conclusions firstly: The skipping of the questions sometimes needs your time and your brainpower. Get ready to skip or mark the flag on the question for review. Don’t get hurried or carried away by the type of questions. Never get scattered and confused, and permanently solve the problem in the persisting order.

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The review page table looks like the following:

Number of the question Status Marked
1 Not Answered ü
2 Answered
3 Answered ü
4 Incomplete ü
5 Incomplete
6 Not Answered ü
7 Incomplete
8 Answered ü
9 Answered
10 Not Answered ü

And the list goes on.

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