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Posted on June 24 2020

Reasons why Australia is keen to allow international students to return

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Student Visa Australia

International students will be allowed to come back to Australia next month as part of Australia’s three-step plan to re-open the economy.

The three-stage plan to reopen the economy was announced by the Australian government in early May this year.

The government's strategy to introduce normalcy in the country is a step by step process. In step 1 small group of up to 10 people will be permitted and retail shops and small cafes will reopen. In step 2 more businesses will be allowed to reopen and services like gyms and cinemas will be resumed. Gatherings of up to 20 people will be allowed and more retail outlets will open. In stage 3 gatherings of up to 100 people will resume and international students can travel to Australia.

Keeping this in view international students will be able to come to Australia in time for the July intake of students in universities. They can enter the country if they follow strict quarantine regulations.

Australia has so far allowed only citizens and permanent residents to return to the country ever since the pandemic broke out.

International students to return to the country

Based on the three-step plan, the government is planning to bring back 350 foreign students next month.  The Australian Capital Territory or ACT which is the regional authority in Canberra has decided to bring back these international students on a chartered flight. The government has allowed particular institutes to bring back their students to Australia.

Once they land, the students are expected to follow a 14-day strict quarantine.

 Priority for international students

There are various reasons why the Australian government is keen to allow international students back into the country. One of them is the contribution of international students to the economy.

The higher education sector is contributing around $40 billion annually to the Australian economy, and the resumption of courses for foreign students would only help the economy.

If Australian universities do not admit international students as soon as possible, they are looking at a budget hit estimated at $ 8 million in 2020. This is excluding the losses to businesses dependent on student spend and businesses in surrounding areas of universities.

The pilot program of initially welcoming 350 students, the government hopes will pave the way for a higher number of student arrivals in the subsequent months of this year.

Australia is keen to welcome international students because their absence will have an impact on jobs and the larger economy. The absence of foreign students can have an extended impact on the country’s universities.

On the other hand, international students who are out of Australia at present are keen to get back to the country and resume their course.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Australian government has tried its best to support international students and is keen to welcome international students to its universities as part of its economic revival plan.



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