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Posted on June 13 2022

Ace Your GRE Scores with Coaching

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Why GRE coaching?

  • GRE helps to assess applicants for graduate schools overseas
  • Scoring high in GRE increases your chances to study abroad
  • GRE exam is held multiple times a year
  • One can opt for offline or online coaching
  • Offline coaching offers structured and scheduled method of learning
  • Online coaching offers personalized teaching method and schedule

First step of study overseas

The GRE test helps evaluate an applicant's capability for higher studies while planning to study overseas. Graduate schools in various countries require the GRE score to assess applicants. The candidates applying to these institutes are required to submit their GRE scores along with the application.

The GRE went through significant changes in August 2011. It resulted in the exam changing from an adaptive, question-by-question basis to section-oriented. It aided in assessing the performance in verbal and math sections individually. It determined the difficulty of the consequent sections formulated.

It would be helpful if you started early while preparing for your GRE exam. The GRE exam is held multiple times a year. Although, there is a limit to the number of attempts a candidate can take the exam in a year. A gap of at least 21 days is required between the two tests. You can attempt the exam only five times in a calendar year. A score of 315 and an AWA score of 4.0 is optimal in GRE. Here are some tips for you to prepare for the GRE test and score well on your first attempt.

Take the test early

Starting early would give you an advantage in your preparation for the GRE, which will not be undermined. Let us assume that you plan to apply for the primary intake and you are preparing for the same. The intake is usually conducted in September or October by various universities.

The application date starts ten to twelve months before the intake begins for most educational institutions and lasts for four months. Thereby, it is recommended that you write the test at least 14 months before the start of the specific session that you intend to join.

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When Should You Take the GRE?

Let us presume that you want to apply for admission to your choice of university in the September intake for the following year. The process of admission in this intake will start approximately in October in the ongoing year and last till May of the consecutive year. It is valid for various universities in the world.

For such a schedule, you should start your preparation for GRE in July of the current year. It will give you sufficient time to attempt the exam and obtain your scores to submit along with the application.

If your score was not good enough, you still would have time to take the test again and write it again to obtain your GRE scores before the deadline by early September.

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You can even skip questions in the GRE Test.

When and how to start preparing for the GRE exam?

 To study for the GRE exam, it is recommended that you have a minimum of two months and a maximum of four months to prepare. Depending on the pace of your learning and self-confidence with the multiple divisions of the tests will determine your preparation time.

Now to answer a vital question – Which method of coaching should you go for?

When preparing for the GRE examination, one question that bothers every student is whether opting for an online coaching would be better or an offline GRE coaching would be effective. Each mode of coaching has its own benefits. A comparison between the two methods will help the candidate make an informed decision.

Online GRE preparatory courses have advantages like message boards, forums, groups and private conversations that connect you more with other students and instructors. Such message boards and forums are aim to support you more ways than one for the GRE training. They are a place where you can ask admissions questions and other related matters.

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Let us go through the advantages of offline GRE coaching:

  • Structured methodology: It allows you to assess how good has been your preparation for the exam
  • Trainer's Experience: The trainer has experience in teaching GRE course
  • Dedicated tools: You do not work hard to research your preparation material
  • Training Test Schedule: Practice tests are planned to help you prepare for the actual test and its immediate feedback. It will also help you improve your score.
  • Tips for studying: Valuable for your preparation

Let us go through the advantages of online coaching for GRE tests:

  • A considerable benefit of online coaching is regulating your own speed for the most optimal result. The study plan is personalized according to your convenience and not the tutor. Most of the candidates are either working or studying, making it difficult to attend a coaching class in person.
  • A personalized training offers a significant advantage to the students. You can opt to study anything you wish to, at your own pace, and at a time convenient for you.
  • Personal tutor: Most students find it challenging to learn in a big batch. They learn better when they are taught one on one. The Online GRE Coaching Centers offer personal tutoring for students like them.

These students are given more attention to help them prepare for the verbal section. It is easier to study online than offline when preparing for the verbal section. There are multiple online apps to help in online coaching to help the students solve this section.

  • Current course material: The GRE study material is not updated each year by most of the coaching centers. The sample documents and the lectures remain the years at a stretch. In online learning courses, the quality of the content is updated regularly.

Opt for an online GRE coaching program

Good GRE training courses will give you a personalized process tailored according to your needs. Online GRE coaching centers will offer you a customized study plan. It will help you focus on the areas where you think you need to put in effort.

The best online GRE coaching program provides continuous support and motivates the students. It will provide you with an opportunity to have your queries and doubts resolved. The online coaching program would give you a personalized feedback and help you achieve the GRE score you desire.

It offers a test-like environment. Online coaching is computer-based like the GRE test. Practicing and learning, answering questions, and answering practical problems on a computer, therefore, makes sense. You will get habituated to reading complex passages on screen and taking a four-hour computer-long exam as well. This will help on the day of the exam.

Track your performance. In addition to an appraisal, the Online GRE Training gives you an instant score after taking a practice test. It helps you evaluate your performance and helps your coach to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

And finally, GRE online coaching is cheaper than classroom training.

All these factors indicate that online coaching for GRE is a better option. For your GRE preparation choose online classes that provide experienced and certified tutors, use tested teaching techniques, and up to date material.

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What is GRE?

GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a general test which is required for admissions in most of the graduate schools in Canada, the United States, and some other countries. The GRE is owned and handled by ETS or Educational Testing Service. The test was started by the 'Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching' in 1936.

ETS launched the GRE to evaluate quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills that have been gained throughout the period of learning. The study material for the GRE includes specific arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and vocabulary sections.

The General Test of GRE is offered via a computer-based exam. It is conducted at testing centers or institution authorized or owned by Prometric. In the admission process of graduate schools, the importance that is placed on GRE scores varies for schools and the departments within schools. The weightage of GRE scores ranges from admission formality to a crucial selection factor.

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