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Posted on December 13 2018

The 6 Overseas Career errors that you must avoid

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
6 Overseas Career errors that you must avoid

You would have definitely given a thought regarding the needful to advance in your overseas career. However, it is equally crucial to be aware of what errors must be avoided:

Not asking for adequate money:

You are doing a big disservice to yourself by not asking for an adequate salary. Do some good research regarding suitable salaries within your industry before placing a request.

Missing deadlines:

Dependability is as equally crucial as the quality of your work. You will get a reputation for being flaky if you constantly do not deliver work on time.

Working all the time:

You will eventually get burned out if you work too much. Your work will be not effective as well in the absence of good life-work balance.

Fear of networking:

Several professionals stop networking after a while in their careers. There are fewer individuals to think of you when opportunities arise without connections. Ultimately, the opportunities will exhaust.

Giving up on learning:

Plenty of professionals become lazy to learn just as many of them stop networking with career advancement. Keep learning about your field and remain curious always.

Repeating errors:

Your professional life will be like the movie Groundhog Day if you fail to learn from your mistakes. You will end up repeating the same cycle again and again. Learn from your errors, as quoted by the Entrepreneur.

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