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Posted on December 01 2018

Which countries are the most attractive for the global workforce?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Which countries are the most attractive for the global workforce

The latest edition of the Decoding Global Talent by the Boston Consulting Group has been released. The USA, Germany, and Canada are the top 3 most attractive countries for the global workforce.

Here are the countries which are the most attractive for the global workforce:

  1. USA:

The USA remains the top favorite among foreign workers despite the recent political changes. Even though the latest Govt. is not very welcoming towards immigrants, the US is still the country most foreign workers would like to move to.

It is the first choice of people living in the Caribbean, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa.  The US ranked second among workers from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

  1. Germany:

This year Germany replaced the UK in the 2nd position. As per the report people from countries like Spain and Denmark, who were earlier keen to move to the UK, are now opting for Germany. The country has a booming economy and has welcomed many immigrants in recent years.

  1. Canada:

Canada has an immigration policy that welcomes the well-educated, young, and proficient in English or French. It stands third on the list. More than one-fifth of the Canadian population is foreign-born, as per the 2016 Census. More than 60% of the new immigrants have been admitted to Canada under an economic category.

  1. Australia:

Australia has appeared in the top 5 of the list for the first time this year. Workers from the UK said it was their first preferred country. Workers from South Africa and India placed Australia second on their list.

  1. UK:

The UK sits on the 5th position, having dropped 3 places since 2014. Political turbulence following the Brexit vote has been largely responsible for the country’s dip in popularity. Despite the UK’s dip in popularity, London remains the top favorite city for foreign workers, as per Dunya News.

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