Skilled Employer Sponsored subclass 494

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Why Choose 494 Subclass Visa?

  • Stay in Australia for 5 years
  • Work in Australia along with PR
  • Travel to and from Australia any number of times
  • Earn in AUD, 5 times more than your current salary
  • Settle in Australia along with your family
494 Subclass Visa

The Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa 494 allows its holders to study, work, and reside for up to five years in Australia. If applicants want the 494 Visas Australia, they need to be designated by approved work sponsors in Australia. Applicants of the Visa subclass 494 need to be aged below 45 while applying for the visa. Visa 494 is granted to individuals who have special skills that are in short supply in Australia. The Australian Visa 494 facilitates regional employers to find skilled workers and sponsor them to work in Australia in the domains where they are unable to obtain proper human resources in Australia.

To be eligible to apply for a visa subclass 494, you will need to pass the skills assessment test as per the norms of Australia. The skills you have been chosen for or are applying for those listed in the Skills Occupation List (SOL) attached to subclass 494.

Benefits of Visa Subclass 494

With an Australian visa subclass 494, you will be allowed to go to Australia through a regional employer’s nomination. That employer must find you qualified to work in Australia in a domain where required expertise is scarce.

Employer-Sponsored Stream
  • You can study, live, or work in a designated area of provincial Australia for up to five years.
  • This visa subclass lets you travel to and from Australia any number of times until the visa is valid.
  • You may also qualify for permanent Australian residence after holding the visa subclass 494 for three years, provided you satisfy certain supporting conditions.
  • You can add your family members to your visa application as well.
Labour Agreement Stream
  • The visa stream allows you to stay for five years in nominated regional Australia where you can work or study.
  • This visa allows you to travel to and from Australia any number of times as long as the visa is valid.
  • If you have held the visa subclass 494 for three years, you could also gain Australian permanent residency if qualified.
  • Your family members can be included along with you in your application for the visa.
Subsequent Entrant Stream
  • This visa subclass permits you to stay in Australia until the visa is valid.
  • This visa subclass will allow you to travel from and to Australia any number of times if the visa is valid.
  • Permits you to stay for five years in Australia’s designated regional areas exclusively to work and study.
Subclass 494 Visa Requirements

The subclass 494 Visa requirements outline the different essential points that you should get to gain access to the 494 Visa Australia. You should take care of the points mentioned below to obtain this visa:

  • You are required to meet the English language requirements to get the visa subclass 494.
  • You need to fulfil the health conditions in the agreement with the Australian framework along with your other family members even if they are arriving with you in Australia.
  • You and your other family members must satisfy the character requirements as per the policy and framework of the Australian government.
  • You need to sign the Australian value statement where it will be affirmed that you will respect the laws, lifestyles, and cultures of Australia.
  • Any of the visas or the individual’s visa application should not have been rejected or canceled in the past.
  • The applicant should not be indebted to the Australian Government and ought to have paid back if he/she owed it.
Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 494

The Visa Subclass 494 is a temporary visa that lets you study, live, or work in Australia for up to five years can be determined through the eligibility criteria of 494 visas which include the following:

  • Australia’s approved work sponsor must have nominated you to arrive in the country for work.
  • The occupation you apply for needs to be relevant to one that is registered on the skilled occupation list
  • When applying for a subclass 494 visa, your age should be less than 45.
  • The occupation you are applying for needs to go through a proper skills assessment.
  • The applicant needs to successfully fulfill the minimum English language proficiency criteria.

The regional (provisional) visa has two sub-categories which also differ in eligibility criteria.

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Employer-Sponsored Stream
  • The applicant needs to be aged below 45 when applying for the visa subclass 494.
  • An employer that has a legal business in Australia should have nominated you to enter Australia for work.
  • Before applying for a visa 494 subclass, you need to have taken a skills assessment test that displays positive scores in the skills you have applied.
  • Your applied occupation must be one relevant to the list of skills occupation list.
  • You must have a minimum level of English language proficiency to qualify for this visa.
Labour Agreement Stream
  • The nominated occupation must be coupled with a labor agreement that is entered between a nominator and a Commonwealth.
  • You need to be aged below 45 when you apply for this visa subclass stream
  • You need to have work experience in a work related to any of the skills indicated in the skills occupation list.
  • You need to have taken skills assessment that shows you are proficient in the occupation you have been nominated to or applied for.
Subsequent Entrant Stream
  • You must have a family member that is the major SESR visa holder or the main applicant for a SESR visa.
  • You should be nominated by a principal SESR visa bearer’s work sponsor who included you in the nomination process as a family member.
  • You must be aged below 45 to apply for this stream.
  • The applicant needs to fulfill the minimum criteria of English language proficiency.

The elementary eligibility conditions for subclass 494 have been specified above; however, consult an expert migration agent to grasp the different eligibility circumstances as per your specific circumstances.

Subclass 494 Visa Checklist

The Subclass 494 Visa Australia is a temporary work visa, which lets an individual study, work, or stay in Australia for a period not exceeding five years which can be determined if specific conditions are met. The points mentioned below should be taken into consideration for subclass 494 visa’s checklist and be surely met when applying for one:

  • You should be nominated by a verified work sponsor in Australia to enter and work in the country.
  • You must be aged below 45 when applying for the visa 494 subclass.
  • Should have skills or occupations related to the one registered in the Skills Occupation list.
  • Should have taken a skills assessment test.
  • Must meet health and character criteria.
  • Must be eligible according to Australia’s English language proficiency level.
  • Must not be indebted to the Australian government.

If you want additional assistance concerning the visa and other related questions, please feel free to consult our expert Migration Agent in Australia.

Subclass 494 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for Visa subclass 494 varies from one candidate to another. It also depends on various factors at that point in time. Your visa processing time may be lengthier if the application is not completed properly. The process for this visa may also be extended if you have not responded on time to the required questions that the department has posed.

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