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Highlights: Why Study Bachelor’s in Monash University?

  • Monash University is one of the leading research-intensive universities of Australia.
  • It has multiple universities across the world.
  • The university offers more than 140 Bachelor’s programs.
  • The curriculum of the undergraduate programs primarily relies on field trips and experiential learning.
  • The courses can be customized by opting for electives from any of the study fields.

Monash University is a global, modern, and research-oriented university, offering excellent education and research in Australia. The university is a public university situated in Melbourne, Victoria of Australia.

It is named after for reputed general of World War I, Sir John Monash.  The university was established in 1958 and is the 2nd oldest university in the state. The university has multiple campuses in Victoria. They also have campuses in various countries. The international campuses are in:

  • Malaysia
  • Italy
  • India
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa

Monash houses many research facilities. Some of them are:

  • Monash Law School
  • Australian Synchrotron
  • Monash STRIP or Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct
  • Australian Stem Cell Centre
  • Victorian College of Pharmacy

It also has 17 co-operatives and 100 research centers. In 2019, Monash University enrolled more than 55,000 Bachelor’s students and around 25,000 Master’s students. It has the most number of applicants than other universities in Victoria.

Monash is one of the members of the Group of Eight research universities in Australia.

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Bachelor’s in Monash University

There are 141 undergraduate courses offered at Monash University. Some of the popular programs are:

  1. Bachelor’s in Accounting
  2. Bachelor’s in Architectural Design
  3. Bachelor’s in Arts and Criminology
  4. Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science
  5. Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing
  6. Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  7. Bachelor’s in Finance
  8. Bachelor’s in Health Sciences
  9. Bachelor’s in Laws
  10. Bachelor’s in Media Communication

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Eligibility Requirements

The requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at the Monash University are given below:

Requirements for Bachelor’s at Monash University


Entry Criteria



Applicants should have passed High School with:-

All India Senior School Certificate 83%

Indian School Certificate Examination 77%

Prerequisite: English and Maths


Marks – 6.5/9


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Bachelor’s Program at Monash University

Detailed information about the Bachelor’s study programs at Monash University is given below.

Bachelor’s in Accounting

Accounting has an essential role in society and offers a strategic operation in all organizations. It is a vital part of business and is used in various organizational functions. It is applicable in finance, management, HR, and marketing.

In the study program of Bachelor’s in Accounting, the candidates discover why accounting is essential for the success of a business.

The candidates gain strong technical skills in key areas like:

  • Information systems
  • Corporate finance
  • Auditing and assurance
  • Financial reporting
  • Data analysis

The participants learn how to interpret data and formulate insights that help organizations to distribute resources and make effective business decisions.

Bachelor’s in Architectural Design

The Bachelor’s in Architectural Design offers the participants training on how architecture can be integrated into urban design and planning.

Examine infrastructure in their urban or regional environment in the context of a changing planet. Develop knowledge and skills to contribute to the benefit of society.

In the study program, the participants study all facets of architecture. The students participate in studio learning, under the guidance of academics and industry experts, and collaborate with their peers to address spatial and social issues. Studio learning gives the candidates real life experience. They can also opt for internship electives to enhance their skills.

The candidates learn to visually communicate their ideas effectively. They can communicate digital fabrication, model making, and live presentations. They apply the latest architectural software to make sure that they are prepared to start their professional practice.

There is no requirement for previous experience in any design subjects. The curriculum of the 1st year is designed such that the students acquire the necessary skills for architectural practice.

After the completion of the undergraduate degree, the candidate can directly pursue the Master of Architecture or Urban Planning and Design. The participants of the Bachelor’s in Architectural Design of Monash University are eligible for the Master of Architecture.

Bachelor’s in Arts and Criminology

The Bachelor’s in Arts and Criminology combine criminology with sociology, psychology, gender studies, behavioral studies, anthropology, journalism, languages, and philosophy.

The Bachelor’s in Criminology trains students on social control and crime. It addresses how is defined, what causes it, and how it should be responded to. The program gives an understanding of perpetration and victimization, inequality in society, and its impacts. The local, national, and international aspects of crime and justice are taken into consideration while examining the changing responses of society.

The program offers two degrees in Arts as well as Criminology. The candidates cultivate their skills in evaluating evidence critically, developing their own arguments, and understanding the possibilities and issues of reform. The candidates gain expertise in their selected discipline and are work ready, armed with the skills required by employers.

Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science

The Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science integrates aspects of medicine and biology and offers the candidates with the required knowledge and skills to address the current issues in disease and healthcare. In this study program, the candidate joins the most extensive biomedical research center in the world.

Biomedical science is an interdisciplinary subject, where the candidates investigate diseases and human health on a deeper level. The candidates study how diseases transpire, how they affect the bodies of organisms, and how they can be prevented and treated. The curriculum covers the primary biomedical disciplines of developmental biology and anatomy, molecular biology and biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology and physiology, and epidemiology.

The Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science study program gives the candidate flexibility to customize their studies to suit their interests. The candidates have 8 electives to choose from to acquire more knowledge in any of the areas of biomedical science. They could also learn a new language, acquire business skills, or study global cultures and issues.

Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing

The study program of Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing offered at Monash University offers two distinct degrees. They are:

  • The Bachelor’s in Business
  • The Bachelor’s in Marketing

The participants gain the benefits of both the degree courses and are efficient to work in a career in any of the fields or combine the skills acquired from the two courses to pursue their chosen work.

The career options for the candidates are influenced by the combination of minors and majors that they have selected. It opens up a broad range of opportunities.

The Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing degree helps the candidate gain transferable and versatile skills that are essential to multiple industries. The dual degree offers the skills required by employers, like:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Cultural sensitivity


Bachelor’s in Computer Science

The Bachelor’s in Computer Science is offered by a reputed IT Faculty at Monash University. The candidates develop creative thinking and an analytical perspective, taught by the best academics in the field in the world.

The candidates graduate with the expertise to design algorithms and data structures and create software that addresses real-world problems.

The candidates can gain knowledge and skills under specialized courses in either Advanced Computer Science or Data Science, utilizing extensive datasets in the Information Age.

The candidates for Bachelor’s in Computer Science get to:

  • “Learn by doing” using advanced technology in an extensive collaborative environment.
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of computational theory, its mathematical foundations, and real-life applications.
  • Learn to apply the knowledge in various fields, creatively, effectively, and ethically.
  • Have a degree authorized by the Australian Computer Society.
  • The curriculum of the course is mostly elective. The candidate can customize their studies to suit their interests and career ambitions.


Bachelor’s in Finance

The Bachelor’s in Finance at Monash University offers an extensive understanding of how the financial system functions, and builds the skills required to manage money efficiently for small businesses, big corporations, and governments.

With the Bachelor’s in Finance from a world-reputed business school, the candidates are prepared for a career in multiple industries, across the world. A degree in finance facilitates cash flow decisions, manages risks and assets, works with stock portfolios and capital markets, or forecasts productions and budgets of financial institutions.

Bachelor’s in Health Sciences

The Bachelor’s in Health Science with offer an extensive overview of health from Australian fields of:

  • Health care system
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Preventive strategies in public health
  • Research and evidence

The foundational courses offer the candidates to apply a scientific approach to examine and improvement of health, taking into account physiological, developmental, behavioral, environmental, and social aspects of human health and disease. They learn to recognize, investigate, examine, and evaluate health issues and be taught by skilled teaching staff, with clinical, industry, and research connections.

With the Health Sciences degree, the candidates have the opportunity to pursue career health and avail of the flexibility to customize their degree. It implies that candidates have the opportunity to opt from multiple choices of electives in the University. They could learn a new language, enhance their health studies with courses in business, information technology, or communication, or pursue a specific area in the health sciences.

Bachelor’s in Laws

The Bachelor’s in Laws or Monash LLB (Hons) offers the candidate with experiential knowledge of the legal system of Australia. The Monash Law School is the sole Australian law school to guarantee an objective legal experience. The candidates get to work on actual cases with real clients, supervised by expert lawyers, while also earning credit for their degree.

They benefit from diverse specialist law electives, such as:

  • Media law
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Animal law

The candidates have the freedom to customize their course which suits their interests and ambitions. The electives have multiple choices in even the non-law field across the University. Its participants can also pursue double degrees in fields like arts, science, or music.

Candidates get to avail of opportunities for experiential learning, such as guaranteed empirical legal education curriculum, international study in Italy, an industry-focused and supportive community that includes the dynamic (and Australia’s largest) Law Students’ Society, which is the largest group of Australia related to practitioners of law, and a robust foundation for a prosperous career.

Bachelor’s in Media Communication

The Bachelor’s in Media Communication is a professional degree with options for 4 specializations:

  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Screen Studies
  • Public Relations

The candidates can enhance primary professional communication and skills in media content creation in the:

  • Digital media
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Film and screen
  • Television
  • Video editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Video journalism
  • Podcasting
  • Campaign management

In the final year, candidates will have the chance to incorporate their extensive knowledge and skills in an internship or a professional project.

Why Study at Monash University?

These are the following reasons why Monash University should be a top pick to study abroad:

  • Monash University Is considered one of the top 50 universities in the world. It has been ranked in the 37th position in the US News and World Report Best Global Universities Rankings in 2022-23 and in the 44th position in the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • The university offers flexible study options in professional courses and more than 60 double degrees in 10 study areas.
  • Monash University offers generous scholarships. It offers over 400 kinds of scholarships that encourage talent and boost potential.

This university has an extensive network of commendable research programs. The researchers work on and provide effective ideas to address global problems.

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