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Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa is the more commonly referred to name for the visa issued by Canada for parents and grandparents of an individual that is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

The Canada Super Visa is, in fact, the “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa” for Canada.

With a Super Visa for Canada, you can visit your children or grandchildren based in Canada for up to 2 years per visit.

A multiple-entry visa, the Super Visa provides multiple entries into Canada for the visa holder for up to 10 years.

So, why not get a Canada Visitor Visa instead?

Those planning to go to Canada to meet their children/grandchildren settled there, and thereon stay within the country for up to 6 months will have to apply for the Canada Visitor Visa.

If you intend staying in Canada beyond a period of 6 months while visiting your children and grandchildren living in the country, you will have to secure a Super Visa instead.

A Comparative Overview of visas that let you visit family in Canada

Visitor Visa

10-year multiple entry visa

Super Visa

Can stay in the country for up to 6 months.

Visitors that want to stay on longer are required to apply for an extension of their visa, paying a new fee.

Able to remain in Canada for up to 6 months per entry

Allows multiple entry across 10 years. An individual can stay for up to 2 years at a time in Canada.

Single-entry option also available, at the discretion of the visa officer.  


Conditions to be fulfilled for being eligible for the Super Visa include –

[1] the applicant must be the parent or grandparent of an individual that is either a Candian permanent resident or the citizen of Canada,

[2] have a signed letter from their child or grandchild in Canada inviting them to the country,

[3] have medical insurance – with a minimum of $100,000 coverage – from a Canadian insurance company, valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date of entry into Canada.

The Super Visa for Canada will have to be applied for from outside the country.

Dependent children are not to be included in the application for the Canada Super Visa.

If an applicant’s spouse or common-law partner also wishes to come to Canada with them, they will have to submit a separate application for the same.

The child or grandchild inviting their parent/grandparent to Canada will be required to prove that their household meets the required minimum income threshold. This salary threshold – officially referred to as the Low Income Cut-Off [LICO] – will be as per the size of their household in Canada.

Certain other conditions will be considered before the Super Visa is granted by the federal government of Canada. For instance, the applicant must be a “genuine visitor” that would be leaving the country by choice towards the end of their visit to Canada.

Application Process

The application can be submitted both via the paper-based route or online.

Comparatively, online applications are processed much quicker as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] get the application instantly.

Additionally, applying online ensures that the application is complete in all respects before the submission of the same.

Processing time

As on July 6, 2021, for an applicant applying for the Super Visa for Canada from India, the expected processing time is around 272 days or approximately 9 months.

Biometrics might have to be given as part of the application process.

By the processing time is implied the period that begins from the day that IRCC receives the completed application and ends with a decision on the Canada visa application.

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What is the Super Visa for Canada?

Super Visa is another name for the Parents and Grandparents visa issued by Canada.

I have to visit my kids settled in Canada. Should I get a Canada Visitor Visa or apply for the Super Visa instead?

Depends on the duration of your intended stay in Canada.

If you plan on staying in Canada for up to 6 months, you can apply for the Visitor Visa.

For staying in the country beyond a period of 6 months, a Super Visa might be a better option to consider.

Is the Canada Super visa a multiple entry visa?

Generally, the Canada Super Visa is a multi-entry visa. Single entry Canada Super Visa is also available, at the discretion of a visa officer.

How long can I stay in Canada per visit on a Canada Super Visa?

The Canadian Super Visa allows the visa holder to stay in the country for up to 2 years at a time.

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