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Visa Complaints

Y-Axis is the world’s No.1 Overseas Career Consultant. We are a one-stop-shop for all your overseas career needs. We deal with visa and immigration processing and allied services. Our core areas of visa processing are study, work, business, PR and visit. We function with complete transparency, keeping our work ethics intact.

We help you get a variety of visas, meant to address specific needs like study, visit, work and investment. We understand that visa is in fact a ticket to the future for many. So, whenever you have an issue during the visa process, we ensure that you get our expert guidance and help. Genuine visa complaints go through a robust resolution system.

Your grievances are listened to and solutions offered through our highly effective and dedicated redressal system. You can email for any complaint regarding our services. The earliest solution will be offered, and the promise of prompt service will be provided.

You can also call 1800 425 000 000 to register visa complaints.

We follow rules regarding complaint resolution. You can refer to these laws below. Here is how we resolve the common complaints that arise from our customers.



  • Early service withdrawals are not refundable. Check our Refund page for more info.
  • We will not take responsibility for any extra payment you made to any Y-Axis employee. In such cases, there will be no refund provided too.


  • Any personal information that you might reveal to us is treated with strict confidence. This applies to your business proprietary material also.
  • The information given by you to Y-Axis will be kept confidential and protected. We will only record your personal details if you send us a message.
  • Your email address is never used for marketing or solicitation. It is never sold or given to anyone for these purposes.
  • Your consent is important to us for the disclosure of your email address. They are strictly used for the official purpose at hand concerning your visa process.
  • We never supply your information to any person or organization. Only government agencies involved in your immigration process is an exception.


  • Y-Axis never receives any payments without receipts. In fact, it’s your right to ask for receipts for payments made.
  • No extra payments need be made to any Y-Axis employee regarding your visa process. If any Y-Axis employee is asking for such payments, inform the management immediately.
  • We urge you not to take services from any vendors suggested by a Y-Axis employee. Such vendor endorsements are against our company rules. We will not be responsible for any fraud and/or financial losses incurred from such dealings you have with fraudulent parties. Inform the management if any Y-Axis employee involves you with third-party vendors.
  • We work on your visa processing treating the information given by you as true and authentic. We are not liable for incorrect/misleading/fraudulent documentation or information you have provided.
  • We warn you strictly not to fall for any Y-Axis employee agreeing to accept forged documents with your visa application. Such documents and applications will get rejected and investigated by Indian authorities.
  • Never believe a Y-Axis employee who says that he/she can, influence the processing speed of applications or the final decision for money or favors. Only visa officers authorized by the respective country can make visa decisions.
  • Beware of imposters who pretend to be visa officers. Real visa officers don’t meet you outside their offices. They also do not contact you for money.
  • Always get your visa information from official government websites. This will save you from misleading information from fake websites. Such fake websites pose like official government websites.
  • A licensed recruitment agency, Y-Axis works with overseas employers and placement agencies. They recruit candidates from us for a fee. We do not guarantee jobs or charge the candidate for the job. If a Y-Axis employee attempts to do this, please contact us immediately.
  • We never guarantee a visa. This is because issue of visas is solely the decision of the visa officer and immigration department/embassy or consulate.

You can contact us for any grievances. You can email your grievance to

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