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Which are the most in-demand jobs in Canada for Indians?

Posted on July 29, 2019
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Canada is among the most popular destinations to immigrate to in 2019. Hence, it is no surprise that skilled professionals across the globe wish to live and work in Canada.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Canada for Indians:

  • Developers:

Skilled professionals with expertise in building websites, smartphone applications, business software, etc are in high demand in Canada.

Develop jobs may usually fall under the below NOC codes:

2174-Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers

2175-Web Designers & Developers

  • Project Managers:

Project Managers in a number of industries like Engineering, IT and Marketing are high in demand in Canada. Skilled professionals experienced in handling complex projects are much sought after in Canada.

Project Manager jobs may fall under the below NOC codes:

0211-Engineering Managers

0711-Construction Managers

0213-Computer and Information Systems Managers

1111-Financial Auditors and Accountants (Internal Audit Project Manager)

1221-Administrative Officers (Non-technical Project Manager)

1224-Property Administrators (Housing Project Manager)

  • Account Manager:

Most industries in Canada especially Sales, Marketing and IT have a huge demand for account managers. Eligible candidates have excellent accounting, financial and sales skills along with CRM software knowledge, as per The Hindu.

This job may fall under the below NOC codes:

0122- Banking, Credit and other Investment Managers

0601- Corporate Sales Managers

  • Registered Nurse:

The need for medical professionals especially nurses has drastically increased in recent years in Canada.

The job may fall under the below NOC codes:

3012-Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses

3124-Allied Primary Health Practitioners (Registered Nurse-Extended Class)

  • Accountant:

Candidates with expertise in accounting skills like payroll, budget, auditing, etc are in big demand in Canada.

Accountant jobs may fall under the below NOC codes:

0111-Financial Managers

1111-Financial Accountants and Auditors

1212-Supervisors, Finance, and Insurance Office Workers

  • Electrical Engineer:

Electrical Engineers in with experience from designing electronics to the energy sector are in demand in Canada.

The jobs may fall under the below NOC codes:

0211-Engineering Managers

2133-Electric and Electronic Engineers

2148-Other Professional Engineers

2241-Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologist and Technician

  • HR Manager:

HR Managers play an important role in recruitment and hiring and hence are in demand in Canada.

HR Manager jobs may be found under the following job codes:

0112-Human Resource Managers

1121-Human Resource Professionals

1223-Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

1241-Administrative Assistants (HR Secretary)

1415-Personnel Clerk (HR Assistant)

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