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What is the job outlook for Finland?

Posted on August 20, 2020
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Finland Job Outlook

If you are looking at an option to work overseas, you should consider Finland. According to a report published by CEDEFOP, the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training, the highest employment growth in Finland till 2030 will be in the fields of computer programming and information services and the mining sector.

The report forecasts that the highest job openings which will include new jobs and replacements will be for jobs as business and administration associate professionals, personal care workers, legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals.

Jobs in demand Forecast
Business and administration associate professionals 162700
Personal care workers 127400

Legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals.


The CEDEFOP forecast covers the period up to 2030. It has taken into account the global economic development till May 2019. The European economy was in a continuous mode of expansion for seven years in a row in 2019 and every European country including Finland saw a good increase in the GDP. But with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns created short term impact on the economy but the long term factors that will impact the job outlook in European countries such as an aging population, increasing use of automation/artificial intelligence, globalisation, resource scarcity etc will be influential factors.

While Finland continues to implement measures to control the pandemic and move its economy, these long-term factors are likely to prevail which will impact the job outlook. Here is a list of the top sectors that will see job growth according to CEDEFOP.

Top 10 Sectors in Finland

CEDEFOP has predicted job growth in the following sectors:

Job Growth in Finland

Policies to welcome foreign workers

In order to encourage more international workers to choose Finland as work abroad destination, the government of Finland has implemented certain policies and reduced the requirements for foreign workers to encourage them to move to Finland.

No language requirements: To be able to work here foreign employers no longer need to learn Finnish. Finnish is a hard-to-learn language and this condition has prevented many foreign professionals from coming to the country. But Finland hopes that the overseas professionals will be willing to work in the country with the relaxation of this rule.

Reduced visa processing time: The government has reduced the visa processing time for work permits to 2 weeks. The processing time earlier was 52 days.

Policies to help overseas workers and their families to settle down: the government is providing easy access to housing, daycare and schooling facilities to ex-pats and their families.

Greater diversity in the workplace: The government is encouraging businesses to hire foreign workers. The influx of foreign employees would promote greater workforce diversity and make it appealing to international talent and investors. This will foster a multicultural environment and encourage the resettlement of foreign workers here.

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