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US has 58,000+ job openings annually for EANR Graduates

Posted on June 5, 2018
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The US has 58,000 + job openings annually for Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment – EANR Graduates. Overseas students are naturally anxious regarding career opportunities upon completion of studies.

Here is good news for those who aim into areas such as Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment. The US labor market has a phenomenal demand for eligible graduates in these sectors, as quoted by the Study International.

The US Department of Agriculture has revealed that EANR Graduates from the US Colleges are in huge demand. It has also been forecasted by the Agriculture Department that around 58,000 plus job openings will be available for fresh graduates over the period of next few years.

It is hardly surprising that the US has a huge demand for graduates with expertise in the environment. This is because the nation looks forward to the new generation to address issues such as environmental quality, energy, and food security.

Fresh graduates in their respective areas will be required to address growing challenges. They will also be required to demonstrate global leadership offering a resolution to renewable energy, adequate water resources, and sustainable food systems.

The US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that the nation has incredible prospects in agriculture for highly skilled immigrants. Graduates in this sector can look forward to abundant opportunities for career, he added.

The fresh graduates in the US in agriculture sector can look forward to highly paid jobs. They will as well as have the contentment of being employed in a sector that addresses some of the most pressing global challenges. The significance of these jobs will only increase. This is because constant solutions will have to be developed to feed 9 billion + individuals by 2050.

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