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Top 10 well-paid Canada jobs that don’t need Degree

Posted on February 26, 2018
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The latest report by Indeed the job hunt site has revealed 10 well-paid jobs in Canada that do not require university education or a Degree. This is a reminder that university education is not the solitary pathway available for landing the ideal job. The job search website has published a list of 10 well-paid jobs in Canada that do not mandate a Degree, as quoted by the Global News CA.

Indeed Canada Managing Director Jodi Kasten elaborated in a press release that job seekers to Canada must be well alert of all the available avenues. Many tech-related and trades roles are in high requirement said Kasten.

Employers in Canada are facing shortages of skills. This means that these jobs can offer lucrative prospects for career or even self-employment, said the Managing Director. The careers mentioned in the list do require extra training even if no Degree or university education.

Degree or university level learning may not be the appropriate path for all, said Jodi Kasten. Several of these roles however to require licenses, certifications or specialized training, added Kasten. Take for instance the role of an App Developer. It may need courses in a definite Programming language. A pilot will need specialized licenses and flight training, elaborated Kasten. Specifically, a pilot applying for Air Canada requires flight experience of around 3,000 hours.

Below are the top 10 well paid Canada jobs that don’t require a degree:

Rank Profession Annual Salary in $
1. Truck Driver 144, 969
2. Real Estate Agent 107, 843
3. Maintenance Manager 83,184
4. Car Sales Executive 78,994
5. Pilot 75,396
6. App Developer 66,058
7. Construction Inspector 64, 675
8. Sales Executive 63, 017
9. Electrician 62,339
10. Web Developer 66,058

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