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Top Global IT Jobs Trends for Q2-2018

Posted on February 22, 2018
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Top Global IT Jobs Trends

Below are the Top Global IT Jobs Trends for Q2-2018:

Specialized skills are driving up the salary market:

The Global IT Jobs trends reveal that specialized skills are propelling the salary market upwards. When the low levels of tech unemployment are combined with the rise in specialized skills, we can identify the areas that could have skyrocketing tech salaries.

The average salary of a tech Professional in the US for 2017 was 92, 712 $. This was mere a 0.7 increase when compared with 2016. The rate of the contract has however increased to 72.32$ per hour which is an increase of 5%.

Previous experiences of job applicants:

The process of hiring is now more focused on the previous experiences of the job applicants. This is in addition to the specialized skills. It is but natural to ensure that the job applicant is vetted technically. But Hiring Managers have now stepped up their analysis. This is to assess suitability, response to stress and the wider context that the candidate would bring to the team.

Top 5 lead the hiring:

Notwithstanding the buzz regarding startups and unicorns, the biggest recruitment powerhouses that are in the tech hub at Bay Area are still the large firms. Google, Oracle, Cisco, Amazon, and Apple are the top 5 that lead the hiring expectations for 2018.

Team-based hiring:

The hiring based on the team will become more significant in 2018 as revealed by the Global IT Jobs Trends. Managers that hire the fresh recruits’ just end up managing them. It is the team that works with the fresh recruits on a day to day basis. Thus some firms are now adopting team-based hiring for the tech roles that are impactful, as quoted by the Insights Dice.

Diversity on the Rise:

Globally and nationally, it was a big year for diversity and the tech sector is no exception. The need for taking diversity initiatives is something which no tech and IT firms can avoid now. It is not just because this is the right thing to do but also because often a bottom line tie-in is needed to prioritize this. Tech diversity will be on the upswing in 2018 as it appears from the trends.

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