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Top 5 Canadian cities for IT Jobs – 2018

Posted on April 23, 2018
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IT Sector in Canada

The Tech industry in Canada boasts of 488,000 IT professionals that are employed in diverse Canadian cities. These are employed in diverse sectors that include Information Security, Data Analysis, Software Development and Project Management.

In 2017, the job numbers in the IT Sector in Canada grew at 11, 500 and thus it was one of the fastest growing Canadian sectors. Around 50% of the freshly created jobs were in Toronto with 5000+. Montréal was at the second place with 2,000 job roles, as quoted by the Randstad CA.

Below are the Top 5 Canadian cities for IT Jobs in 2018:

  1. Toronto:

It is the IT center of Canada. This city is the abode of diverse job roles in the Tech sector and has professionals with assorted proficiencies and skills. It has several IT jobs in demand that include Developers, Analysts, Engineers, and Managers.

  1. Vancouver:

This city is the IT center for Western provinces in Canada. It is the destination for a wide range and numbers of IT firms. These include Telecommunications, Health Care, Computer Gaming, Marketing, Finance, and Software Development.

  1. Montreal:

A destination for the diverse and expanding IT industry Montreal is the largest city in Quebec. It has a constant demand for Developers and Skilled Programmers.

  1. Calgary:

One of the fastest growing Canadian cities, Calgary’s economy is propelled by diverse industries. The city hosts a strong Tech sector. Thus skilled Tech professionals are always in demand here.

  1. Edmonton:

This is an expanding city that has a fast-growing IT sector. Employers in Edmonton are seeking qualified Developers in addition to Managers and Analysts. Core sectors driving the Tech field include Computer system design, Universities, and Public Administration.

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