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Top 5 alternative Overseas Careers for a Law Degree

Posted on July 30, 2018
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Top 5 alternative Overseas Careers for a Law Degree

A Law Degree offers innovative options for overseas careers and below a few of them for you to consider:

Politics and Government

A Law Degree has immense potential for a career in Politics. This is because it offers a strong foundation for dealing with complex cases and policymaking. The political field requires making decisions based on past events. It is also needed to navigate legal intricacies for framing policies. All these are traits that you would have already ingrained through Law Studies.

17% of the global leaders have a Law Degree, as quoted by the Study International.


Legal Consultancy is not the only option for you to consider with a Law degree. There are diverse types of consultancy that you can choose from for Overseas Careers. This is a comparatively secure career. The reason is that there will be no scarcity of firms seeking experts to enhance their models.

It is also unlikely in the near future that creative human problem-solving is replaced by automated platforms.


A Law Degree equips you for analyzing sources of vital information and separating fallacies and facts. It includes a review of reports, scrutiny of diverse sources and making valid judgments on conflicting data.

The above are key skills demanded by Journalism. You have options for reporting on social studies, political, economic or global trends, analytical features or breaking news.


Limited schools offer classes on legal studies prior to University. Nevertheless, a Law Degree will offer you the ideal skills to teach Religious Studies, History or English.

You will develop writing skills as well as contextual knowledge during your Law Studies. These will equip you to educate others in these areas.


A career in Law Academia is the one for you if you love the study of Law more than the legal industry. You can study Master’s and finally a Doctoral Degree. This will equip you with research skills in legal studies permitting you to drive the industry forward with knowledge.

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