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Posted on July 04 2019

The top 10 occupations that got Canada PR Visa in 2018

By  Editor
Updated March 07 2024

The top to occupations that received the maximum Canada PR Visa invitations in 2018 has been revealed by the year-end report for 2018. It was declared by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on July 2nd 2019.


The # 1 occupation to get the ITAs for PR Visa in 2018 was that of Software Engineer. It displaced the occupation Information Systems Analysts and Consultants that went down to # 2 position.


The third most common occupation to receive the Canada PR Visa in 2018 was Computer Programmer. It was followed by the Administrative Assistants and Financial Auditors.


Number  of ITAs  NOC  Occupations 
6,126  2173  Software Engineers 
5,429  2171  Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 
3,450  2174  Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 
2,483  1111  Financial Auditors and Accountants 
2,335  1241  Administrative Assistants 
2,049  1123  Professional Occupations in Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising  
1,942  4011  University Professors and Lecturers 
1,921  1112  Financial Investment Analysts 
1,915  1122  Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting 
1,775  0124  Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising Managers  


PNP invitations:

The single most valuable factor under the Express Entry system is the nomination from a Province in Canada. It offers 600 extra points to the successful candidates who receive the provincial nomination. It effectively ensures an ITA for Canada PR Visa in the successive invitation round in Express Entry.


In 2018, totally 10,802 candidates in Express Entry received an ITA due to provincial nomination. This was an increase over 8, 733 in 2017, as quoted by the CIC News. The figures in 2018 account for 12% of the ITAs offered in the year. This was consistent with the % of candidates in Express Entry who had a Provincial Nomination.


Intake of new PR Visa immigrants through PNPs aligned with Express Entry also increased in 2018. Increase in this category was witnessed by British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. The highest year-on-year increase for any Province was recorded by Ontario with 3, 082.


Ontario was also the province chosen by 64% of all the immigrants who applied for PR Visa through Express Entry in 2018. It is the home to cities like Ottawa and Toronto. 


Out of the 122,247 applications submitted in 2018, the province of Ontario was listed as their destination by 78, 838 applicants. With 22, 153 applicants listing it as their destination, British Columbia was a distant second place.


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